The campaign of the government and agricultural scientists paid off, this year there has been a huge reduction in the incidents of stubble burning

पराली प्रदूषण पर सख्त हुई सरकार, इसे जलाने से रोकने के लिए खास इंतजाम के निर्देश

Now instead of burning stubble, compost will be made from it. (symbolic photo)

Now farmers are also beginning to understand the damage caused by burning paddy straw. Through the efforts of agricultural scientists and the government, they have come to know that burning it will harm the fertility of their fields. Also, the action will be taken separately. So they have now started managing it with machines and Pusa Decomposer. In a report by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), it has been told that the incidents of stubble burning have reduced compared to last year. Delhi and Rajasthan have done the most wonderful work in this matter.

Agricultural scientists have analyzed the incidents of stubble burning in 2020 and 2021 from 15 September to 8 October. According to this, highest number of incidents of stubble burning were happening in Punjab last year and this year also it is happening. In the year 2020, a total of 2227 incidents of stubble burning were recorded in Punjab during this period. Whereas this year only 500 are left. This has been possible only with the collective efforts of the government, farmers and agricultural scientists.

How about other states?

In the year 2020, 268 cases of stubble burning were reported in Haryana. Whereas this time only 62 are left.
There were 167 incidents of stubble burning in Uttar Pradesh in 2020. Whereas this year only 76 have happened.
In 2020, there were 99 incidents of stubble burning in entire Rajasthan, while this time only 2 are left.
In the year 2020, there were 143 incidents in Madhya Pradesh. Whereas this time only 13 have happened so far.
In 2020, there were 3 incidents of stubble burning in Delhi during this period. But this is not a single event.
(September 15 to October 8)

Pusa De Composer

Scientists showing Pusa decomposer.

How many events on 8 October

Incidents of stubble burning have been reported at a total of 148 places.
At most 108 places in Punjab.
There have been 34 cases reported in Tarn Taran and 30 in Amritsar. –
10 incidents have been reported in Patiala and 9 in Kapurthala.
-27 cases have been reported in Haryana.
In which Karnal has maximum 10. There have been 7 incidents in Kurukshetra, 5 in Kaithal, 2 in Jind.
One case each has been reported in Ambala, Panipat and Yamunanagar.
Only 2 incidents of stubble burning in Madhya Pradesh have been reported.
There is not a single case in Delhi and Rajasthan.

De-composer: Best option

50 Rs. Pusa De-composer capsule is the best option for the farmers for stubble disposal. From its four capsules, the stubble of one hectare of farmland becomes compost. Management of crop residues in the field helps in making the soil more fertile.

License has been given to 12 companies

Earlier, the price of Pusa De-composer for stubble disposal was Rs 20 (4 capsules). Which has now been increased to Rs 50. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Indian Agricultural Research Institute has licensed this technology to 12 companies for extensive marketing of Pusa decomposer. In addition the institute has produced around 20,000 packets of it for the use of farmers at its own facilities.

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