The brain works like this, which is not almond-nut… but these three things run faster! You eat too…

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Green vegetables are more beneficial for the brain than walnuts and almonds.

Eating almonds makes the brain faster and walnuts are also very beneficial for the brain. You must have heard this thing often in your house and because of this, many almonds and walnuts are fed to the children. But, this doesn’t happen. There are also many such foods, which benefit the brain more than almonds and walnuts. The special thing is that you can easily eat these foods regularly and they benefit more than almonds, walnuts.

In such a situation, we know how our brain works and what things are more beneficial for our brain than almonds and walnuts.

How does the brain work?

According to a report by DW, the body works like a machine and the functions of all the parts depend on each other. Their powerhouse or major part is the brain, which is responsible for many functions of the body. This work is done by different parts of the brain and if there is a disturbance in that part, then the way you work can change. For example, if you walk and speak, then your brain also does this work with your feet or mouth. If there is some problem in the part of the brain that prompts you to walk, then your walking and speaking can be affected.

According to the report, the human brain is as big as a pineapple in size and looks like a walnut. Only then people say, walnuts should be eaten, because it makes the brain faster. The brain uses 20 percent of the body’s energy alone and consists of several billion neurons, which are connected to each other and through them the brain works. There are many parts of the brain and the function of each part is different. Like memory, walking, speaking, thinking work from different parts. This brain first takes the signal and then sends it to that part and then the brain gives the command to react on it, then the body part reacts on it.

What is beneficial for the brain?

It is often heard that walnuts and almonds are most beneficial for the brain. but it’s not like that. If the list of the most beneficial foods for the brain is made, then almonds and walnuts do not come in the top-3. That is, there are many such things, which benefit the brain more than almonds and walnuts and help in running a sharp mind. So know what are those three things, which are more beneficial for the brain than almonds and walnuts…

Blueberries- Blueberries contain chemicals called flavinoids and work to prevent inflammation and protect the brain. Due to this, the circulation of blood in the brain is faster.

Green vegetables- Leafy and salad green vegetables are also beneficial for the body. This sharpens the memory of the brain.

Dark chocolate- Dark chocolate is also very beneficial for the brain. With dark chocolate, blood reaches every part of the brain and due to this, memory along with mood remains fine.

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