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The body of a tiger cub found in the forest of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, is it a victim? Officers claim – death in conflict

Despite being a Pilibhit Tiger Reserve (PTR), tigers are not safe in the Terai forests. This is the reason why the carcass of a tiger cub near Ghanara Ghat of Navadiya Veet of Haripur range (Tiger Cub Body) was found. Whose age is being told about 10 months. On Wednesday night, forest staff patrolling in the forest of compartment 78B of Navadiya Beat heard the roar of the tiger. On reaching the place where the roar was heard in the forest in the early hours of Thursday, they found the carcass of a tiger cub lying there, causing panic. Its information is Haripur Range (Haripur Range) was given to the forest officer of the forest, Virendra Singh Rawat. He apprised the top officials about the body of the tiger cub found in the forest. According to Deputy Director Naveen Khandelwal, the tiger has died in mutual conflict. The struggle of tigers takes place during the search or union of the territory.

Two tiger carcasses have been found within a year in the Haripur range of the Tiger Reserve, which raises many questions on the security arrangements of the Forest Department. However, this time too, as before, the forest department has taken the carcass of the tiger and sent it to the Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), Bareilly, for post-mortem. The forest department is telling the wildlife conflict as the cause of death, but how true this claim of the officers will be, it will be clear after a fair investigation.

Tiger hunting started from Kurko in Haryana

The tradition of hunting tigers in the Terai forest was started by the Kudkos coming from Haryana. These kudkes used to camp in Nahrausa village of Hazara area. While roaming in the forest, he used to put kudka (iron screws) on the ground in the possible area and tied some animal. When the tiger set its foot on the stick in the pursuit of hunting, it used to get caught in the clutches. The more the tiger tried to free itself, the more it would have tightened. Hunters used to hunt on a large scale through these kudkas, but now the officers of the department do not pay any attention to this.

Question on security system after getting the carcass of tiger – when will the answer from the responsibilities?

Although in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, many times the king of the jungle becomes a victim, but the department remains helpless. From the Tiger Reserve Haripur Range, Mahof Range, Barahi Range to all the ranges, the carcasses of dozens of tigers were found on the banks of the canal and the forest, but the officers get busy in proving every incident. However, there could be a reason behind this as well. In fact, many times the tiger hunts and eats wild animals, but many times the tiger is unable to eat its prey completely, due to which the hunters put poison in the remaining meat after seeing the opportunity. The special thing is that this poison does not have any foul smell and the tiger easily eats its prey again, due to which the tiger is distraught with thirst and goes towards the water source in search of water. After which the tiger dies in agony on the banks of the water. In such a situation, many times the carcass of the tiger gets washed away in the canal and sometimes the dead body is lying nearby. But the officers ignore these things and start proving the incident.

Even after the incident, the officer is oblivious, there is no sign of combing and alert in the ranges.

Despite the discovery of a carcass of a tiger in the Barahi range in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, the forest department officials have remained completely careless. Even after the accident, the officers of the Forest Department have neither started tokambing in any range of the district nor have issued any kind of alert in any range. Despite the incident, the forest department officials are not ready to take a lesson. At present, the process of finding carcasses of tigers in all the ranges of the Terai is going on continuously, but the forest department is negligent in the name of security arrangements.

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