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Tamilnadu Election 2021: ‘AIADMK government is puppet of BJP’, statement by DMK MP Kanimozhi Karunanidhi

Kanimozhi Karunanidhi said, “This time the Tamil Nadu assembly election is very important. We have to stand up for the defense of Tamil Nadu, because Tamil Nadu has always been a developed state.”

DMK MP Kanimozhi Karunanidhi (File Photo)

Kanimozhi Karunanidhi (Kanimozhi Karunanidhi), daughter of Rajati Ammal, MP from Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), the main opposition party in Tamil Nadu and former wife of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi, has been visiting the state for the last 5 months as the party’s star campaigner. Meanwhile, during the election campaign in Tiruchendur on March 29, Kanimozhi told Divya Chandrababu Naidu that ‘We had a lot of differences with the late Jayalalithaa, but she did not compromise on the rights of the state, but the current AIADMK government is a puppet of the BJP. ‘ Along with this, he also accused BJP of disturbing communal harmony in Tamil Nadu and claimed that this time only DMK government will be formed in the state.

Kanimozhi visited different villages in the state and addressed several rallies during her campaign campaign campaign launched from November last year. In an interview, he said, “During my campaign, I found that there is a lot of resentment against the government in the state.” The unemployment rate has increased and in these 10 years, there has been no honest investment in the state, due to which there has not been any increase in job opportunities in the state. Except the only ‘Chennai Salem Expressway’, the AIADMK government has no interest in laying or repairing roads in any other area. “

“This anger of the public is against the government”

When asked whether he saw this resentment of the public only against the state government or against the alliance of AIADMK and BJP? So he replied, “The people of the state believe that the BJP government is running in Tamil Nadu, because all the decisions are done by them and the AIADMK only implements them.” Has the AIADMK government ever been seen going against any order of the BJP? That’s why the public’s anger against the government has doubled. “

“Anti-farmer government is AIADMK”

He also targeted the government over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the three new agricultural laws and said that ‘it is the anti-farmer government which is supporting all three new agricultural laws. The AIADMK government has supported these laws from the beginning, but today when the elections are near, they are going to the people and saying that they will force the central government to withdraw all the three laws, that is, they can do anything Can not take a stand at Along with this, no compensation was given to the farmers even during disasters like flood, cyclone or drought.

“Women can get better leadership only in DMK”

Kanimozhi said, “The father-son killing was done in police custody (Jayaraj and Benix in 2020) and the Chief Minister did not take any action on him.” At the same time, women outnumber men in this Tamil Nadu assembly election. On this, he said that ‘women have become more vocal about taking their decisions than before. Earlier it was believed that women decide what about husband and family but now they have become aware and look for the leadership which reflects their aspirations and this will only be found in the DMK. ‘

“No measures taken for women empowerment”

He said, “No measures have been taken for the empowerment of women in the state. Today it is a big struggle to go to the ration shops in many areas, one has to wait for hours even for a pot of water, these are issues that hurt women every day. Kanimozhi said about the women of the state that the women here want jobs, they want employment opportunities so that they can have a career and also increase their income, for this self-help groups under DMK are very good. Are working.

But when asked if DMK, which repeatedly talks about women empowerment, has fielded only 12 women out of 173 candidates, he clarified that we have given many constituencies for women candidates. They had decided, but they had to go to the allied parties.

At the same time, for BJP candidate Khushboo Sundar and DMK’s Premlata Vijayakanth, they said that they are both very strong women and more and more women participation in the Assembly and Parliament is necessary. Laws cannot be made without hearing the voice of 50 percent of the population, so we insist on the Women’s Reservation Bill, which was also an election promise of the BJP but do not know why they did not fulfill it.

“BJP changing the tradition and culture of the state”

He said, “Assembly elections are very important this time. We have to stand up for the defense of Tamil Nadu, because Tamil Nadu has always been a developed state and we want to ensure that this state continues to move forward in the direction of development. But now this state has come from the third to the 14th position in terms of investment. At the same time, people from all over the country live in our state. There are different religions and castes here and we live in peace and harmony. Everybody participates in all the festivals. We have Jains, Muslims and Christians, who are as Tamil as anyone else. But now BJP is trying to change the tradition of this state which people will not like. “

Kanimozhi criticized the new education policy

Along with this, Kanimozhi also criticized the New Education Policy and said that this policy is wrong and it is not easy in our country. The country needs to understand before bringing this policy. Tamil Nadu has already achieved the targets set in this policy. High quality education has been imparted in 50 percent of our population. At the same time, he also criticized the BJP government for the language and said, “We are not against any language but if there is no need, nothing should be imposed on the people.”

“People of the state are angry and upset with BJP”

When asked that the BJP has set up more than 40,000 booth-level committees in the state, which are completing the Infrastructure Projects in Tamil Nadu, are they engaging with the people connected with the land? In response to this, he said that there are no booth level committees in the state. BJP is bringing booth level people here to work for its candidates from neighboring states like Karnataka. He said that the people of the state are angry and upset with the BJP because it stands for everything that we do not want, while we stand for completely different ideologies.

Kanimozhi praised MK Stalin

Speaking about himself, he said, “I never wanted to be a politician. My father wanted me to go to the Rajya Sabha, which I opposed a lot.” But my decision to contest the 2019 Lok Sabha elections was my own and for this I talked to my brother. He said, “I don’t have any goal. It keeps changing as we move forward.” He said that if the DMK government comes to the state, then I would like to resolve issues like women empowerment, safety of children. At the same time, for party chief MK Stalin, he said, “He is a very good administrator and hardworking politician. He is one of those MLAs who take care of his people in his constituency, so I think he will work with the same diligence and diligence when he becomes the Chief Minister. “

Elections on 234 assembly seats will be held on April 6

All the 234 seats in the state will go to polls in a phase on April 6 and the votes will be counted on May 2. 6,28,23,749 voters will select candidates for the sixteenth assembly in Tamil Nadu. AIADMK has been ruling Tamil Nadu for the last 10 years. BJP is contesting with AIADMK. At present, the AIADMK is headed by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Palanaswamy and Deputy CM O. Panneerselvam. At the same time, DMK has formed an alliance with the Congress.

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