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Such a village in the world where people live under the ground, the reason behind it is very interesting

The people here live under the ground

There are many such places in the world, knowing about which everyone will be surprised. Like there are many places where the moon and sun are not visible for months, while there are many such places where there is no night, but other than these, have you ever heard the name of a village which is inside the ground, Yes, don’t be alarmed, there is a village in the world whose people live under the ground.

Yes, we are talking about ‘Coober Pedy’ located in Southern Australia where all the houses are made underground. These houses look normal from outside but inside are luxurious houses like hotels. So let’s know about this village

The biggest feature of this village is that all the people here live in houses built inside the ground. These houses built inside the ground look quite ordinary from outside, but all the things of convenience are present inside. Actually, there are many opal mines in the Coober Pedi area. Let us tell you that people live only in the empty mines of Opal. Now you must be wondering what is Opal? Opal is a milky precious stone. Coober Pedi is also known as the Opal Capital of the World. Because this area has the largest number of opal mines in the world.

All kinds of amenities present in underground houses

For your information, let us tell you that mining work here started in 1915. Coober Pedi is a desert area, so the temperature here is very high in summer and very low in winter. Due to this, the people living here had to face a lot of trouble. The solution was found that people were shifted to the vacant mines after mining.

Coobar Pedi is a sandy place, but in these underground houses, neither AC is needed in summer nor heater in winter. Today there are about 1500 such houses, in which the entire population of Coober Pedi lives. These are called ‘dug-outs’.

All kinds of amenities are easily available in these underground homes. It is said that the house is very beautiful from inside. Also, to stay here, neither does AC have to be installed in summer nor heater in winter. Along with this, many Hollywood films have also been shot here. Apart from this, after the shooting of ‘Pitch Black’ in 2000, the production team left the spaceship used in this film at this village. In such a situation, especially people like to visit this village.

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