Study Room Vastu: Due to these Vastu defects of study room, children do not feel like studying, remove them in time

Study Room Vastu : स्टडी रूम के इन वास्तु दोषों के कारण बच्चों का नहीं लगता पढ़ाई में मन, समय रहते दूर करें

Vastu rules for children’s study room

Every parent wants to give good education to their children so that they can make their name bright by reading and writing. For this, they provide all kinds of resources on their behalf, but many times parents get very upset about their children’s studies, because suddenly their children’s mind starts getting tired of studies. Some parents have the problem that even after studying a lot, their child does not get good marks, then some have the problem that their children forget the things they remember and some have the problem of their concentration. If you also feel that your child does not study with a focused mind or he is not getting success in the examination-competition despite all the efforts, then you must check the Vastu of his study room once. Let us know some priceless Vastu rules related to the study room, which gives miraculous benefits as soon as you do it.

  1. If you have to make a study room for your child, then you can choose all other direction except the south-west part of your house.
  2. It is always good for children to study facing the north-east, north or east direction. In such a situation, place children’s tables and chairs in such a way that their faces are always towards these directions.
  3. Never keep the shelves of the study room open, as it is a type of Vastu defect. If you want, you can get a plain glass door installed in it, so that all the copy-books are visible.
  4. Always keep the children’s study room and the bedsheets laid on the bed for it of light color.
  5. Do not hang any scary or erotic pictures on the walls of the study room or keep a picture of a film hero-heroine. Instead, keep a picture of Mata Saraswati or great men, who can become a source of inspiration for the children.
  6. TV in the children’s room at any time. Or don’t have a music system. The electromagnetic waves generated by it adversely affect the mind and health.
  7. If your child is hesitant to interact with other children or with people and is of a calm nature, then you can keep it in the South East room.
  8. If your child is always lost-khoya, then keep him in the North-West direction. This will increase its activity.

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(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)


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