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Strange: This is the world’s most mysterious lake, no one survives by drinking its water

dangerous lake of the world,

There are many such places in the world, whose mystery is still unsolved. There are many such mountains, lakes and rivers present here. Everyone is stunned to know about whom. In this episode, today we are going to tell you about one such lake, about which it is said that whoever drinks the water of this lake, he does not survive and soon he dies.

We are talking about the Fundudzi Lake located in South Africa, according to the local people, legend has it that a leper person who came here after a long journey from this place was called Food and shelter were not given by the people. It is said that after this the person cursed the people and entered the lake and then disappeared.

death by drinking water

The lake is said to have formed in ancient times due to a landslide that blocked the flow of the Mutali River, and it is now a mystery whether the water of the river is very clean, but what is it that whoever drinks its water He soon dies.

Local people also tell that the lake is protected by a huge mountain dragon, to please the Venda tribals, who organize a dance festival every year in which unmarried girls dance.

Several attempts were made to unravel the mystery of the water, but each time the investigators failed. In 1946, a man named Andy Levin came here to find out the truth about the water of the lake. He took some water from this lake and took some plants around the lake and left. But he had walked for a while that he lost his way. Andy Levine kept wandering until he had thrown away the water and the plants. However, he died a few days after this incident.

Till date no one has come to know that what is so in this lake that a person dies after drinking its water. Some people believe that some dangerous poisonous gas may have been found in the water of this lake, but no evidence of this has been found.

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