Strange rules applied in this place, women eating pizza-sandwiches stopped appearing on TV

इस जगह किए गए अजीबोगरीन नियम लागू, टीवी पर पिज्जा-सैंडविच खाती महिलाओं का दिखना हुआ बंद

Stop seeing women eating pizza-sandwiches on TV

You all must have seen many advertisements for pizza and drinks on TV. Women or men have been seen in these advertisements, but have you ever thought that the appearance of women in the advertisements of pizza and drinks can be banned? Or if a man is serving tea and coffee to a woman, then that advertisement should be closed? We can say this with certainty that after reading this, all of you must have been surprised, but let us tell you all such strange instructions have been issued under Iran’s new TV censorship rule.

Under this strange directive, women will not be seen on TV eating pizza, drinks and sandwiches. Also, no man can serve tea-coffee to a woman in any place related to the work place in Iran and if this happens anywhere, action can also be taken against the producers-directors. Most of the social media users are quite surprised to hear this news and are also sharing their opinion on social media.

order issued by the government

Let us tell you this information has been shared by Amir Hussain Shamshadi, head of PR at Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). Some people of the city are happy to hear his decision and some are also disappointed, he said in the verdict, ‘No woman should be seen drinking any red-coloured beverages on the screen. If someone wants to do this then women will have to take permission from IRIB.

For information, let us tell you that whoever does not follow these rules, restrictions will be imposed on him. IRIB has hired a subsidiary called Satra to license and monitor Iranian home theater and streaming platforms.

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