Solver gang played a game in NEET exam, read how the future of students was being played by trapping them

TV9 EXCLUSIVE : पुलिस सिस्टम जिसकी मॉनिटरिंग 'PMO' भी करता है,थाने में दर्ज होती FIR 'लाइव' देख सकते हैं कमिश्नर DGP

NEET Exam: In the interrogation of Lady Solver Julie and her mother, the police have got many important information. The police have come to know that the base of this gang is in Patna. The master mind of the gang is PK ie Prashant Kumar.

The police disclosed about the solver gang. (symbolic picture)

It has been revealed to kill the rights of more than 15 lakh students of the country. By the way, news of fraud often comes to the fore in competitive examinations in the country. It is said that in the name of someone else, the solver i.e. the paper solver was put in the exam and a huge amount was charged for this, but this time it is not enough. This time solver gang has played in NEET exam. The strings of this gang are spread to UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Bengal, who trap the poor topper children in their trap and then make the candidate of the rich house a victim. See what is the whole matter and how the lady solver came to the fore in the case for the first time…

The exam which is related to the future of 15 lakh students every year, in which more than one and a half lakh students become doctors every year by being successful, and the success in which is the only guarantee that your life will be in their hands in the coming years. Will be. Such a big and prestigious exam has been cracked. We are talking about NEET exam in which solver gang has been exposed.

Police investigation has revealed that solver gang has played in NEET exam. There was a deal to make Munnabhai for the exam. A deal was done for 5 lakhs and a lady sat in the solver exam. Although the news of becoming a solver gang and Munnabhai has been coming in the past, but this is the first time that a lady solver Julie has also been accused of being involved in this gang of fraud, who was arrested red handed by the crime branch while taking the exam. . The UP Police arrested Julie from the Sonatalab exam center in Sarnath, where she was taking the exam in place of another student.

Julie, Babita, Abhay and Vikas in the custody of UP Police

Julie is a 2019 student of the Faculty of Dental Sciences, BHU. BDS studies in second year. And has been semester topper in her batch. The extent is that Julie’s mother Babita is also a part of this gang. According to sources, Julie herself has admitted to her mother’s involvement and told that her mother was given a lure of Rs 5 lakh. 50 thousand also got in advance. The girl’s mother, Babita, got lured by money and convinced her to appear in the examination in place of another candidate.

Now Julie’s mother is also in the custody of the police. Apart from this, the police have also caught two agents named Abhay and Vikas. Now Julie, Babita, Abhay and Vikas are in the custody of UP Police. The police claim that this is an inter-state solver gang, which is spread from North East to Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Bengal. Its kingpin is Atul Vats, a resident of Jehanabad, Bihar. Atul made a plan to seat Gajah Julie of Tripura’s Hina Vishwas. Julie hails from Patna, Bihar. The team of NewsNCR traces Julie’s house in Patna.

In the interrogation of Lady Solver Julie and her mother, the police have got many important information. Police has come to know that the base of this gang is in Patna.. The master mind of the gang is PK i.e. Prashant Kumar. PK sends messages to his team via courier. Uses the phone very little. And travels only by train. Many of PK’s henchmen determine who will be the solver.

Police also arrested Osama Shahid from Mohammadabad of Ghazipur

On the basis of the call details of the girl’s mother’s mobile, the police also nabbed Osama Shahid from Mohammadabad in Ghazipur. What Osama has told the police is a setback for lakhs of students. Osama Shahid, a last year student of KGMC, used to supply candidates to PK, who were aspiring to get admission in a medical college. Used to introduce him to PK. Osama is a resident of Gohanabad Mau. So far many candidates have been set.

The modus operandi of this gang is also dangerous. This gang extracts the complete details of the children who came out of the coaching center. Especially traps the children of the top poor house. This concern is big because by now this gang would not know how many unqualified students would have been made doctors across the country and how many deserving students have become enslaved.

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