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Singhu Border Murder Case: Why did the Nihangs kill the youth on the Singhu border? Know every update so far

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A shocking incident came to the fore on Thursday night at the Singhu Border. Here the mutilated body of a youth was found near the stage of farmers protesting against the agricultural laws. After brutally killing the young man (Singhu Border murder), the body was hung from the barricade by cutting off one of his hands. There were also marks of attack with a sharp weapon on the body of the young man. The police brought down the body and took it into their custody. At the same time, the police team also collected evidence from the spot.

Actually, this incident happened on Thursday night. At the same time, when the body of the young man was found hanging near the main stage of the agitators on Friday morning, there was a stir at the protest site. After the incident, a crowd of agitators gathered at the spot. According to police officials, at 5 am on Friday morning, information was received that the dead body of a young man with severed hands and feet has been hanged at the farmers’ picketing on Kundli, Sonepat Marg.

Nihangs accused

Let us inform that since the body of the person was found, the Nihang Sikhs allege that the youth was sent here under a conspiracy. For this he was given Rs. The young man desecrated the holy Guru Granth Sahib here. When the Nihangs came to know about this, he was caught and then dragged to the pandal.

brutally murdered and hanged the dead body in front of the stage

According to reports, Nihangs are accused of killing the person. Many videos of the incident are going viral. In one of the viral videos, Nihangs have also confessed to killing the person. In this video which has gone viral, he is saying ‘Jo said so Nihal Sat Sri Akal, this sinner has desecrated Sri Guru Granth Sahib on the Singhu border. The army cut off its hand and also cut off its leg. Apart from this, in the second viral video, Nihangs are also saying that that young man had come to Nihang’s tent at night. Where Sri Guru Granth Sahib was illuminated. When the young man started running after picking up the Guru Granth Sahib, the servitors caught him. The young man was about Nihang. When his clothes were taken off, there was no hair on his head. When the Nihangs interrogated the young man, he was not ready to tell anything on this, then first his arm and then leg was cut off. After that he died.

The video of the young man went viral before he died

During this, the video of the young man before his death has also gone viral. Where in the video the young man is lying in a pool of blood. The people present there are making his video. During that time he is being asked who are you and where did you come from. He is being asked to confess that he has committed sacrilege, but he says that the true Patshah Guru Tegh Bahadur should order the Nihangs to kill me and place me at his feet. I confess. Nihangs have cut off my hand. After this the people present there ask, also tell your name, where did it come from, who sent it. And what have you done?

United Kisan Morcha condemned the murder

At the same time, in this matter, the farmer organization says that it will fully cooperate with the police. The SKM issued a statement saying that a Nihang group has claimed responsibility for the killing. They have claimed that the deceased had tried to sabotage the Guru Granth Sahib. For this reason he was murdered. The United Kisan Morcha has condemned this ruthless killing. Along with this, he said that the farmers organization has nothing to do with the Nihang group and the deceased.

the accused surrendered

Sarabjit Singh, an accused in the murder case of a youth on the Indus border, has surrendered to the Haryana Police. The accused is now in police custody. The young man was about Nihang. When his clothes were removed, there was no hair on his head and he was wearing a kachhara. The Nihangs interrogated him. When he was not ready to tell anything, first his arm and then leg was amputated. After that he died.

The case of murder of a young man reached the Supreme Court

The case of the murder of a young man on the Singhu border has reached the Supreme Court. While filing the application, Supreme Court advocate Shashank Shekhar Jha has demanded to vacate the Singhu border. It has been said in this petition that now a Dalit youth has been murdered. Along with this, an appeal has also been made to the Supreme Court for early hearing of this matter.

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