Sharks surrounded the person surfing on the waves of the sea, the senses will fly away after watching the scary video

समुद्र की लहरों पर सर्फिंग कर रहे शख्स को शार्क्स ने घेरा, डरावना वीडियो देख उड़ जाएंगे होश

Eli swam out of the sea quickly and his life was saved.

The sea world looks really beautiful to see. That’s why every person aspires to have a lot of fun by going to sea one day. But sometimes while doing this, strange incidents happen with some people. Recently, a US surfer was also surrounded by sharks. But it was a matter of luck that he narrowly survived. Now the video of this dreadful incident is becoming quite viral on social media as well and people are stunned to see it.

Ellie McDonald and her fiancée Laura Evans, living in Florida, USA, recently went to the beach of Brevard County to enjoy surfing. As soon as Eli saw the high waves of the sea, so did he want to surf. To fulfill this wish, Eli was at sea and Laura was making videos of him from the beach. According to a report, Eli saw some small fish near him.

Watch the video here-

During this, suddenly his eyes fell on a shark roaming nearby. Seeing this sight, Eli was stunned. When he looked around, more sharks were roaming around him. Laura said- “I got scared as soon as I saw the sharks roaming near Allie. That’s when I suddenly thought that I should scream loudly and run to him and go to save him. But I calmed myself down first and then thought that Eli knew what to do in this situation.

Eli swam out of the sea quickly and his life was saved. Even after this terrible accident, Eli’s spirits were so strong that he started surfing again the next day. Many people have given their feedback on this video of Ellie. Many people are scared just after watching the video. On the one hand, while many people called Eli lucky, many thanked the fact that nothing happened to Eli.

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