Seven pleasures of life: Not only wealth and wealth, these seven pleasures are very important for life.

Seven pleasure of life : सिर्फ धन-संपत्ति ही नहीं जीवन के लिए बहुत जरूरी होते हैं ये सात सुख

Everyone has a wish that he should get wealth, property, opulence etc., for this he also works hard day and night, but do you know what are the seven great pleasures associated with life, out of which any one If not, life always seems incomplete, read this article to know.

seven pleasures of life

It is everyone’s dream in life that while living on earth, he can enjoy all the pleasures that he can get by working hard. Apart from wealth, wealth, splendor, children, wife, what are those seven pleasures, which every rich and poor dream of? In the absence of any one of which, there often remains an incompleteness in life? Actually, the seven pleasures related to life, which are considered to be the most important, include healthy body, wealth, son’s happiness, honor, virtuous wife, victory over enemies and God’s grace or their interview. Let us know in detail about these seven major pleasures related to life.

healthy body

A healthy body is of great importance among the seven pleasures of life. It is also said that if there is life then there is a world. In order to enjoy other pleasures of life, it is very important to have a healthy body. To get this priceless happiness related to life, every person should do sadhna-worship to get the blessings of Lord Dhanvantari.


Money is very much needed to get all kinds of happiness in life. Without money it is impossible to get other pleasures in life and the god of this wealth is Lord Kubera. Those on whom the grace of Kuber Devta remains, there is never any shortage of money.

having a son

It is the dream of everyone in life to have a son who is virtuous, cultured and obedient and brings a lot of light to the name of his family. While wanting such a son, people often arrange for his education and initiation by giving every comfort to his son and cherish the future for his progress. To get this great happiness related to life, one should worship Lord Jupiter with full devotion.


Who doesn’t like to be respected in life? The society should respect you and the biggest should see you with respect and your fame increases and you should never be insulted by mistake, everyone imagines such happiness. Every rich and poor wants to increase their respect day by day. One of the seven pleasures of honor is attained by the grace of Lord Surya Dev. In such a situation, the visible deity Lord Suryadev should be worshiped daily.

virtuous wife

A beautiful, well-mannered and confident wife has also been included in the seven pleasures in life. If someone’s wife disrespects her husband and is walking on the wrong path ignoring his advice, then the remaining six pleasures remain incomplete for him. It is a woman who makes a house a home, in such a situation, to get this happiness, one should do the sadhna of Ashtalakshmi.

victory over enemies

There will be hardly any person in life for whom there is no jealousy, opposition or enmity. At every step of life, we often have to face opposition and challenges from people and people are often seen trying to humiliate you or try to hold you back. In such a situation, winning over all the enemies related to life is one of the greatest pleasures out of the seven pleasures. To achieve this, we should do special spiritual practice of ten Mahavidyas.

God’s grace

To attain all the pleasures in life and to attain salvation after enjoying it, God’s grace and his realization is the seventh greatest happiness of life. To interview your Ishta Dev, first of all you should have true faith. If you do the experiment with full devotion, then you will definitely have a vision of that radiant God or otherwise your Ishta Dev.

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(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)


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