Seeing the water and water worth lakhs of rupees! The farmer just kept on shedding tears

देखते ही देखते लाखों रुपये के उड़द हुए पानी-पानी! किसान बैठकर बस आंसू बहाता रहा

Mandi secretary says that the wet grain of the farmers is coming, so it was put in the field for drying, the crop got wet due to sudden rain.

Due to heavy rains in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh, lakhs of rupees of urad of farmers lying in the open in the agricultural produce market was wasted in water, farmers came to the market with the hope of selling them at good prices. returned to. Due to the mismanagement of the market committee, traders occupied the tin sheds built for the sale of farmers’ crops in the agricultural produce market, in this case the market secretary says that the wet grain of the farmers is coming, so it was put in the field for drying. It was, suddenly due to the arrival of water, the crop got wet.

Urad is cultivated mainly in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Bihar in the country. 23 to 27 percent protein is found in urad dal.

what is the matter

This whole matter is related to the agricultural produce market Tikamgarh, where due to the heavy rains, the urad worth lakhs of rupees kept in the open ground for sale in the mandi got wet. By the way, big tin sheds have been built here for the sale of grains brought by the farmers.

So that farmers can keep their grains for sale under these tin sheds to avoid the wrath of the weather, but these tin sheds are completely occupied by the traders of the market and keeping their grains in large quantities.

Due to which the farmers are forced to keep their grains in the open to sell, and in such a situation most of their blood and sweat produce is wasted in water.


This is not the first time that farmers’ crops lying in the open have not been ruined, despite this, neither the committee management nor the district administration took any necessary steps in this direction so that the farmers’ produce could be saved from wastage.

Farmers say that the tin sheds are occupied by the traders, so they are compelled to keep their food in the open, and even if they complain in this regard, the market secretary does not listen.

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