Secret of Pakistani woman’s murder exposed, she was murdered in an attempt to implicate her in double murder

खुल गया पाकिस्तानी महिला के कत्ल का राज, डबल मर्डर में फंसाने की कोशिश में कत्ल कर डाली गई

A lock was found hanging on the door of the house where the body was found. The key was in the lock itself. The postmortem report revealed that Mumtaz Parveen was murdered by slitting her throat.

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The police has exposed the murder of a woman of Pakistani origin in Chandni Mahal police station area of ​​Central Delhi district. 22-year-old Farhan (sister’s son), nephew of 55-year-old Pakistani-origin Mumtaz Parveen, has been arrested in her relationship. It is learned that about two months ago, Mumtaz was trying to implicate Farhan in the double murder case of the night. Apart from this, there was already a dispute between the two regarding property. The arrested Farhan is a resident of Meerut in UP. Farhan is a textile businessman by profession.

Mumtaz Parveen was originally an Indian. Many years ago she married a Pakistani citizen. After that she had become a citizen of Pakistan due to her stay in Pakistan for a long time. Indian citizenship was also lost from his hands. Later, when Mumtaz’s husband of Pakistani origin died. So Mumtaz Parveen made many attempts to get Indian citizenship again from the Indian government. But he did not get success in this. On September 3, 2021, in the evening, Mumtaz Parveen’s body was found in a rotten condition inside her house in Lal Mian, outside the street in Daryaganj area.

The man inside was suspected in the incident

The lock was found hanging on the door of the house where the body was found. The key was in the lock itself. The postmortem report revealed that Mumtaz Parveen was murdered by slitting her throat. The investigation also revealed that the person with whom Mumtaz Parveen was living, had also died in the Corona period a few months back. From the circumstances of the incident, the police had an apprehension from the beginning that some inside man was involved in this murder. During the investigation, when the police checked the CCTV footage present around the spot. Then a young man was seen coming to Mumtaz’s flat under suspicious circumstances.

When the young man entered the house after getting off the auto, his face was open. When the young man came out of the house after half an hour, his face was covered with cloth. The police was shocked that after all the same young man entered Mumtaz’s house with his face open. When he came out of the house later, why did he cover his face with a cloth? Due to the open face, the police got the youth identified. When Farhan was caught and interrogated by the police from Meerut, he confessed to the crime. Farhan, a 10th class pass, told the police that there was a dispute between aunt Mumtaz Parveen and her family over property for a long time.

Auntie trapped in her woven net

Meanwhile, two people were killed in a night-time shootout in Bada Hindurao area of ​​Delhi. That case was about murder on hire. In that double murder case of contract murder, the person who was to be killed survived, but two innocent passers-by were unintentionally killed by the shooters. In that double murder case, Farhan and his family were bent on framing his aunt Mumtaz Parveen. Mausi expected that when Farhan and his family would get entangled in the double murder.

After this, the fight which is going on regarding the property, it will be settled automatically. When all these things and the malicious intentions of Aunt Mumtaz Parveen came to be known, Farhan made a plan to settle the aunt. In the investigation, the police team came to know that this incident of murder was carried out by Farhan on 30 August 2021. Whereas the talk of Mumtaz Parveen’s murder opened on 3 September 2021, when the smell started coming from inside the house hanging from outside.

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