SBI’s internet banking service will be closed for 2 hours today, before this time settle the work of online payment

जब ग्राहक ने ट्विटर पर किया ये पोस्ट तो SBI ने कहा- इसे तुरंत डिलीट कर दें...जानें ऐसा क्यों?

SBI’s internet banking service will remain suspended for 2 hours (symbolic picture)

State Bank of India (SBI) shuts down its internet banking service due to maintenance work. This work is done at intervals of some period. This work is done on behalf of the bank almost every month. During this time the service of Internet Banking remains suspended. Therefore, customers are informed in advance that they should complete the work related to online payment or transaction, otherwise no work will be done if the YONO service of internet banking is stopped. There will be some similar maintenance work on Sunday during which customers will not be able to take advantage of internet banking.

SBI has done this work twice in the month of September and both times the internet service was kept closed for a few hours. Internet banking, YONO app and other digital services were kept closed in July for some similar activity. During this, customers faced problems in the work related to the bank. Now the internet service will remain suspended even on Sunday i.e. 10 October. Customers who have to do online payment or bank related work on Yono, they should settle first. According to SBI, the work related to internet banking will come to a standstill from 23.20 pm to 11.20 pm on Sunday night. SBI had given this information in a tweet on Thursday itself and alerted the customers.

when will the service stop

SBI has said that due to the shutdown of internet banking, the services of Lite and Business app of YONO App will also be affected. SBI’s tweet said, “Maintenance work will continue for two hours from 00.20 hrs on 9 October 2021 i.e. till 23.20 on 10 October and for two hours from 23.20 hrs of 10 October to 1.20 hrs of 11 October.” . Internet banking, YONO, YONO Lite, UPI-related work will be disrupted during these two hours. State Bank has said that this work is being done to provide good facilities to the customers.

midnight maintenance

However, to avoid any inconvenience to the customers, the maintenance work will start around midnight. If it is not very important at midnight, then people do not need any kind of payment. If it is very important, then this work can be done before those two hours specified by the State Bank or when the maintenance work is completed then payment or banking work can be done. Internet banking, YONO and UPI were also closed for maintenance on Saturday midnight before Sunday.

impact on 25 crore customers

Apart from the State Bank branch, there are lakhs of customers in Internet Banking as well. Ever since the facility of internet and mobile banking has started, people visit the branch less. Most of the work gets done through computer or mobile. If we leave the service of the branch, then the total number of customers in SBI is around 25 crores by adding Internet, YONO and UPI. That is, due to the maintenance outage, 25 crore customers will not be able to get banking services. For the last few months, SBI starts maintenance work almost every month and customers are warned about it in advance.

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