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Sachin Waje did not get relief, special court extended NIA custody till 7 April

The special court has extended the custody of Sachin Waje for 5 days in the case of the explosive-laden car found outside Ambani’s house and the murder of Mansukh Hiren, the owner of that car.

Sachin Waje file photo

The main accused in the case of Mansukh Hiren Murder Case (Sachin Vaje) in the murder of Mansukh Hiren (owner of the car) and the explosive-laden car found outside Ambani’s house has not been relieved. NIA custody of suspended police officer Sachin Waje has been extended till 7 April. The NIA had appealed to the special court to extend the custody of the waje to check CCTV data from the Mithi River and the passport of the waje. After which the court accepted the demand of NIA.

Sachin Waje’s custody was coming to an end today (April 3, Saturday). That is why Sachin Waje was presented in the special court of NIA today. There was a debate in the court between Waje and NIA lawyers for about two hours. The court accepted the plea of ​​the NIA counsel and given the seriousness of the case, it decided to extend the custody of Waje for five days. Sachin Waje’s lawyer argued that Waje was in the custody of the Central Investigation Agency for the last 23 days. It would be unfair to keep him in custody for a few more days. But NIA lawyer Anil Singh said that this investigation had reached a turning point. Questions remain to be asked on a few issues, hence Custin Waje’s custody is necessary.

Everything will be cleared with CCTV footage- Vaje

So far, the NIA was taking Sachin Waje in the siege on the basis of CCTV footage, but today Sachin Waje claimed the opposite in court. Sachin Waje said that all will be clear with CCTV footage. 120 TB of CCTV footage is with the NIA. No one can tamper with this footage. Waje told this to the court. There were reports from NIA sources that Sachin Waje had confessed to the charge. But Sachin Waje today made it clear in the court that he has not confessed anything in front of the NIA. He said that all the allegations leveled against him are false. Sachin Waje told the court that he was also accused of keeping gelatin outside Ambani’s house, which is wrong.

NIA’s lawyer explained the reason for increasing the custody

NIA counsel told the court that some documents have been found from the locker of DCB Bank located in Andheri of the accused. It is important to check the things found in the locker. 120 TB of CCTV footage has been found. It also needs to be investigated. Along with this, the IP address of the accused, the number plates of the finished cars, the passport was also required to be checked. Apart from this, he said that things recovered from the Mithi River have to be checked and confirmed. In this case, answers of 50 people have been registered so far.

‘How did all the things get found at the same place in the Mithi River?’

A few days ago the NIA team took Sachin Waje to the Mithi River area of ​​Mumbai. According to the NIA’s claim, many things were taken out from inside the Mithi River due to the whereabouts of Sachin Waje. This includes things like DVRs of CCTV footage, computers and CPUs, laptops, printers, car’s number plates. Waje’s lawyer Abad Ponda doubted this in court. He said that the sweet river is 17.84 km long. Its depth is up to 70 meters. In such a situation, how can the things thrown by Sachin Waje be recovered from the same place even after so many days.

’26 lakhs missing from Sachin Waje’s account after his arrest’

Here NIA lawyer Anil Singh claimed that after the arrest of Sachin Waje, 26 lakh rupees have been withdrawn from his bank account. Now only 5 thousand rupees are left in this bank account. But Waje’s lawyer denied the charge outright. According to him, the account from which the money was withdrawn is a Joint Bank Account. Therefore, it is completely wrong to say that even after the arrest of Sachin Waje, money has been withdrawn from his account.

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