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Russia-Ukraine War: Great destruction of Russian tanks seen in Ukraine, Putin is under tremendous pressure as the war drags on

Russian tanks have suffered the most in the war with Ukraine.

Image Credit source: AFP (File Photo)

In the first 72 days of the Russia and Ukraine war, there has been a huge reduction in the weapons stockpile of the world’s two superpowers. There are reports that the stockpile of missiles and lethal weapons of America and Russia is running out.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky (Volodymyr Zelenskyy) Russia (Russia) are continuously causing serious damage on many fronts. Especially regarding the destruction of tanks. In the last 72 days, there has been a horrific destruction of Russian tanks in Ukraine. You can say that in 10 weeks Ukraine (UkraineThe graveyard of Russian tanks has become, but you will be surprised to know the reason behind this devastation. Irpin, Bucha, Kharkiv, Kherson In these cities, as soon as the chest-chilling missile of the sky fell on the Mahabali Russian tank, the parts flew away in an instant. Within seconds, the roads looked as if they had become a graveyard for Russian tanks.

The Russian army, which dreamed of destroying Ukraine, was not prepared for such a big catastrophe, nor had it been anticipated, but this challenge was not given to Putin’s army. Want to know how to listen, but first look at the figure of wastage. According to Ukraine’s Inter News, while counter-attacking in the war, Zelensky’s brave soldiers brought the Russian army to its knees in the ground fight. More than 800 Russian tanks were turned into a ball of fire in a single landmine. More than 1500 armored vehicles were destroyed. More than 400 cannons were destroyed. However, the biggest damage was done to the Russian tank.

Modern American missiles hit Russian tank

The figures are also testifying that modern American missiles were heavy on the Russian tank in the battlefield, but the disclosure behind this success is very shocking. CNN, considered one of America’s most trusted and reliable news networks, claims that its design was the reason for the great destruction of Russian tanks. Because of their poor design, their tanks became a moving iron tomb for the Russian army. CNN has also made a big disclosure in its report that all western countries already know about the malfunction in the tanks.

The shortage of Russian tanks came to the attention of Western forces during the Gulf Wars against Iraq in 1991 and 2003, when a large number of Russian-made T-72 tanks of the Iraqi Army were destroyed. CNN correspondent Brad Lendon has also given detailed information on the poor design and shortcomings in his report. Western experts call this the “jack-in-the-box effect”. That is, the problem in the tank is related to how the ammunition of the tanks is stored. Unlike modern Western tanks, Russians keep multiple shells at once in turrets inside their tanks. The turrets are the part of the inside of the tank where the ammunition is kept. This makes Russian tanks the most vulnerable, as even a single hit can trigger a chain reaction that can detonate all their shells.

The design of Russian tanks is three to four decades old.

This explosion can be so destructive that even a two-storey building can blow up in an instant. This can also be seen in these videos released by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. The Ukrainian army is taking advantage of the weakness of Russian tanks, using anti-tank guided missiles. Those with knowledge of tank operations say that the design of Russian tanks is three to four decades old, while anti-tank missiles and rockets have been designed according to modern requirements and in the current situation, those weak designs are proving to be dominant. Huh.

In the first 72 days of the Russia-Ukraine war, the world’s two superpowers’ weapons stockpiles have decreased drastically. There are reports that the stockpile of missiles and lethal weapons of America and Russia is running out. US Senator Richard Blumenthal has said a very shocking thing on Twitter. Senator Richard Blumenthal wrote that the US has sent nearly a third of its Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. Senator Jack Reed, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has expressed similar concerns about America’s arms shortage. Senator Jack Reed said that while supplying Stingers and Javelin missiles to Ukraine, America should also take care of its stock. Meanwhile, two top British officers have also made a big claim about Russia’s weapons.

Only 10 weeks of war of the world’s most powerful army has made such a condition. The claim is shocking, but the words of the person who made the claim cannot be ignored. Britain’s Chief of the Defense Staff, Admiral Sir Tony Radkin, 10 weeks after the Ukraine War, has said very shocking things about the Russian Army in the latest interview of Talk TV. In this interview, Sir Tony Radkin said that because of the speed with which the Russian army has used missiles and lethal weapons, Putin has now had to engage in a ‘logistics war’ i.e. Russia is now struggling for resources, in order to continue the war.

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There is tremendous pressure on Putin as the war with Ukraine prolongs

Tony Radkin said that the blueprint that Russia had initially prepared for the Ukraine war is completely different from the war that has been going on for 10 weeks. Sir Tony Radkin says the Ukraine war has dragged on, there is tremendous pressure on Putin as there is no result. Britain’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace had said similar things during his visit to Finland. Ben Wallace said that Russia has failed to win Ukraine and Russian generals are blaming each other for this failure. These claims have been made by two top-level officials of Britain when the Russian state media was told to erase Britain from the world map. Russia’s state TV channel said that Britain would be destroyed forever by Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Sarmat.

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