REET Paper Leak: MP Kirori Meena’s allegation – DP Jaroli has done paper leak, the role of Gehlot government is also suspicious

REET Paper Leak: सांसद किरोड़ी मीणा का आरोप- डीपी जारोली ने कराया है पेपर लीक, गहलोत सरकार की भूमिका भी संदिग्ध

MP Kirori Meena made serious allegations against the government

Politics is getting intense now in REET paper leak case. Now MP Kirodi Meena (MP Kirodi Lal Meena) has directly described Rajasthan Board President DP Jaroli as the architect in the REET paper leak case. Meena has alleged that Jaroli handed over the command of coordinator in Jaipur to his friend despite being non-official. Meena has also called the role of the Gehlot government in the paper leak case suspicious. During a conversation with the media, Dr. Kirori Meena, while revealing many documents, said that the entire role of the Board President is doubtful.

He told that Dr. Jaroli had handed over the command of Jaipur to his friend Pradeep Parashar. Pradeep Parashar had put 4 friends under him orally in the responsibility of the examination by including more people. Jaroli was in the education complex with Parashar for a long time on Sunday. Meena has alleged that the level of complicity has been so far that even a blacklisted institution in Jaipur was made a center.

The seal of paper envelopes is open

Kirori Meena said that the seals of some envelopes have been found open in the papers which have been sent from the education packages. Dr Meena said that the government is trying to avoid the whole episode but his role is completely questionable. He raised the question that a day before the examination, the government and SOG should also get an inquiry done regarding the large number of broadband connections issued in Jaipur.

Meena alleged that many big people are likely to be involved in the paper leak case, due to which there is a apprehension that SOG will also not be able to play its role properly. That is why they are demanding a CBI inquiry.

Dotasara’s allegations are wrong, I am going to meet Arun Singh

Dr. Kirori Meena has rubbished the allegation of Education Minister Govind Singh Dotasara that BJP state in-charge has scolded Dr. Meena. For this reason he has ended the strike. Kirori Meena said that till date it has not happened that anyone has scolded him and he should remain silent. It is my nature to stand up against injustice. Wherever it goes wrong, I stand against it. There is rule even when there is opposition.

I am not afraid of intimidating anyone. I have paid the political price for this and will continue to pay it. The whole of Rajasthan is a witness to this. Nobody has given me the data and has ended the dharna because of someone. Dotasra ul Julul makes allegations. Dr. Meena said that he will tell the facts to Dotasara together. Don’t make reet exam failure a prestige. Hear the voice of the unemployed. The entire BJP will demonstrate in the paper leak case. He himself will go to Delhi to meet Arun Singh.

Meena retaliated on the sarcasm on the crowd

Meena hit back at Govind Singh Dotasara and said that do not even question the unemployed crowd of unemployed who came with him. Throughout his life, he has had a relationship with the crowd. Tomorrow you and the Chief Minister of the state who sit in virtual. In yesterday’s sit-in demonstration, the entire crowd was sitting as if in virtual itself. The Chief Minister himself has spoken. In such a situation, where is it justified for you to question my crowd? The condition of your government has now become like black and white TV, which the public is not liking. There is only one leader in your party who is running like a color TV.

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