REET Exam: Active Bihar copycat gang busted in REET! 4 accused who came to take the exam as a dummy candidate were caught

जयपुर के बिल्डर से मांगी गई एक करोड़ की फिरौती, जेल से आया था वॉट्सएप कॉल, प्रोडक्शन वारंट पर लॉरेंश विश्नोई गिरफ्तार

Rajasthan Police. (signal picture)

The imitation gang gang has been exposed in the REET exam held in Rajasthan. According to the police, in Alwar and Bharatpur, the graduate youth of Bihar have given the examination as dummy candidates. At the same time, out of the 4 youths caught in Alwar, one had reached Bharatpur’s Bayana, the other in Alwar’s Laxmangarh and the third one had reached Rajgarh for examination. According to the police, only 4 people were its master mind. They used to deal with the candidates for 8-8 lakh rupees for the examination, which they have to pay after passing. This gang has been exposed due to not getting the photo of a dummy candidate in Alwar. At present, the police has not been able to catch the other members of his gang.

Actually, this case is of Alwar district. According to the police officer, Rahul Kumar has taken the examination in place of Ramvatar Gurjar in Brahmabad’s school in Rudawal, Bayana. At the same time, Rahul Dehra is a resident of Lakhisarai, Bihar. Apart from this, Ravi Kumar took the examination in the name of Hemant in Pauddar School in Laxmangarh, Alwar as a dummy candidate. At the same time, Ravi Matihani is a resident of Mohanpura Gaya, Bihar. Similarly, in Trimurti Senior Secondary School in Rajgarh, Alwar, Neeraj Kumar tried to take the exam in place of Veerpal. Neeraj was arrested on suspicion by the police. After this, the entire gang was exposed in the investigation of the police.

All the accused caught like this

It is worth mentioning that at Trimurti Senior Secondary School in Rajgarh in Alwar district, dummy Neeraj Kumar tried to take the exam in place of Veerpal. In such a situation, the police did not get the face of dummy Neeraj from the photo in the permission letter. Due to this Neeraj could not give the exam. The real candidate Veerpal reached for the examination. During this, the police got suspicious after seeing two different people. In such a situation, the police team in a plain dress started chasing Veerpal. On September 29, the police received information from the informer that the candidate Virpal Singh had gone to meet another person on the main road in Sikandra. After which the police team, on suspicion, sent a policeman in plain uniform to listen to their conversation. In such a situation, the young man tried to run away with a car after seeing someone approaching, but the police team caught him there. After the interrogation by the police, the police reached the entire gang. At present 6 accused are in jail. The police had found 8 mobiles, two tablets, checks and mark sheets from them.

Accused Raj the kingpin of this gang

In this case, during the interrogation of the accused by the police, it was found that Raj alias Bunty resident of Bihar, Gotia Nalanda, is the kingpin of this gang. Who finds middlemen and decides the deal with the candidate for 8 lakh rupees. After this becomes a dummy candidate and gives the exam. At the same time, money had to be given on passing. Before that, the candidate’s cheque, original document and stamp used to be taken.

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