Rajasthan: School Education Department cancels mid-term holidays on Diwali, this time only 3 days leave for the festival

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Due to the lockdown and corona infection (Covid-19), there has been a lot of loss to the education of school students. In view of this, the Education Department of Rajasthan has taken an important decision this time. This time the Education Department has abolished the holidays before Diwali. Although children will definitely get some holiday this time on Diwali, but this time there will be no holidays of ten-fifteen days as mid-term holidays. Due to the closure of the school during the Corona period, the students have not studied. The department says that this decision has been taken so that there should not be much loss of studies.

This is the first time that it is happening that mid-term holidays are not being held in government and private schools of the state. Usually, there are 15 days of school holidays before Diwali. This time also it was believed that from November 3 to 13, there would be a holiday in the state school. But now the order issued by Secondary Education has made it clear that such long holidays will not happen this time.

This time there will be 3 holidays on Diwali

No extra holidays are going to be available this time on Diwali, only government holidays will be there. Diwali is on 4th November. In such a situation, there are holidays only from 4 to 6 November. Children will have to go to school by November 3. There is Diwali on 4th November, Govardhan Puja on 5th November and Bhaiya Dooj on 6th November.

There will be no holiday a day before Diwali

The Education Department has made it clear that there will be a holiday in the school on a gazetted holiday, but on Saturday such a holiday will not be held in the school. In such a situation, on November 3, there will be no school holiday even a day before Diwali. Along with this, there will be no educational conference anywhere in the state. Generally, four holidays in the name of district and state level educational conferences will also not happen this time. And two holidays of Principal Power will also not happen this time.

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