Rajasthan Rain Update: Monsoon stopped before farewell, will be active again from October 6; It will rain till October 15

Rajasthan Rain Update: विदाई से पहले ठहरा मानसून, 6 अक्टूबर से फिर होगा एक्टिव; 15 अक्टूबर तक होगी बारिश

Chance of rain in Rajasthan. (signal picture)

In Rajasthan, the time is for farewell for the monsoon (Weather Report) but it has stopped. It will rain for the first time till mid-October. Due to the Anti Cyclone Circulation System, the conditions of rain are seen to be forming back around 6th October. But before the departure of monsoon, the period of rain is continuing in many districts of the state. At the same time, on the last day, in about a dozen districts of the state, the period of moderate to heavy rains is continuing for the last two weeks. In the last 24 hours, Chittorgarh recorded the highest rainfall of 44 mm, while Jaipur also recorded 30 mm of rain during this period.

Actually, this year the monsoon remained weak in the state from the beginning. After a few days of good rains, due to the continuous weak monsoon system, the worry of less rain started worrying, but for the last two weeks, the activity of monsoon in most of the districts of the state has put an end to this concern. Rain has been recorded in the state this year by about 20 percent more than the average, while in the last 24 hours, heavy rains in most of the districts of the state have also given relief to the people.

Rain expected till 6 October – IMD

It is worth noting that the rain that has been raining in most of the districts of eastern and western Rajasthan for the past few days is now going to give relief. At the same time, according to the Meteorological Department, due to the establishment of north-westerly winds, an anti-cyclone circulation system will be formed in the atmosphere around October 5. Due to this, conditions will be favorable for rain from October 6. But before this, most of the districts of Rajasthan are likely to receive good rains due to the monsoon system. In such a situation, the rainy season will continue for the next one week.

580 mm of rain recorded in monsoon season

Let us tell you that the monsoon came on 18 June and became active from 11 July. At the same time, the capital Jaipur has received 15% more rain than normal till September. In such a situation, the average is 503.70 mm while this season it has been 580 mm. During this, due to rain in most areas in the capital on Saturday, the roads were filled with water up to half a feet deep. At the same time, in the month of October, the highest rain record has been recorded in a single day after 6 years on Saturday. Earlier in 2015, the record for maximum rainfall in 1 day was 31.5 mm.

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