Rajasthan Police Swimming Pool Scandal: After the Deputy SP, the female constable also arrested in the abominable game of blackmailing debauchery

राजस्थान पुलिस स्विमिंग पूल कांड: ब्लैकमेलिंग अय्याशी के घिनौने खेल में डिप्टी एसपी के बाद महिला सिपाही भी गिरफ्तार

Will the child’s testimony be conducted or not? It is too early to say all this. By the way, all the other evidence that has come so far, including CCTV footage, viral videos, also seems to be enough to get the accused convicted in the court. In the end, the child is a strong witness.

Rajasthan Police. (signal picture)

In the ‘swimming pool’ scandal that has taken a storm in Rajasthan Police these days, something new and sensational is coming out in the slightest. Now it has come to know that till now in the swimming pool incident, the woman soldier who was considered a ‘victim’ till now. In fact, the woman constable was the real mind behind taking the Deputy SP Hira Lal Saini to the swimming pool with the same price penalty and then making an objectionable video clip of the police officer in the swimming pool.

Therefore, as soon as these facts came to the fore, on the orders of the Directorate General of State Police, the Special Operation Group team, which was investigating the case, has also arrested the accused suspected female constable. The department has already suspended the female constable. At present, the woman constable and the arrested deputy SP Hira Lal Saini, both are in police custody till September 17. The SOG team engaged in getting to the bottom of the matter is now preparing to interrogate the arrested Deputy SP and the female constable sitting face to face.

Deputy SP-women constable will be face to face

This will be the first time that the police team of Deputy SP Hira Lal Saini, arrested on Friday and a female constable arrested on Sunday, will face-to-face after the arrest. Till now the police teams engaged in the investigation were interrogating both of them separately in their own way. In the interrogation done so far, the arrested deputy SP was calling the woman a blackmailer and herself innocent. While the woman was telling herself innocent and the Deputy SP the mastermind of this dangerous conspiracy.

However, in the police investigation, the statements of both seemed contradictory and unreliable. At the same time, it also seemed that both of them were blaming each other for the leak in the swimming pool scandal and then the viral video on social media to save their skin when trapped. Finally, after several days of interrogation of the Deputy SP and the lady constable, it was proved that both of them are looking for each other’s neck to save themselves from the clutches of the law. Along with this, many such fact-proofs have also come from the mobile of the female soldier and her husband, which is enough to put the female soldier in the dock.

Reason debauchery and blackmailing

On this basis, the female constable was arrested. Along with this, the mobile and SIM of the female constable and her husband have also been confiscated. So far it has also come to the fore in the investigation that the genie of the swimming pool scandal did not suddenly come out in front of the world. The accused and currently in the custody of the police, Deputy SP Hira Lal Saini and the female constable were close to each other for the last 5 years. There was also an intimate relationship between the two. During this five-year period between the two, physical relations were also formed several times with the consent.

In such a situation, how and why suddenly the video of both of them made in the swimming pool became viral on social media after so many years? In response to this question, there is a smell of blackmailing the police teams running the black business under the guise of debauchery. The serious matter in this whole matter is that, this time in front of her 6-year-old child present with the female constable in the swimming pool video made viral or made, the abominable acts of the Deputy SP and the female constable made both of them entitled to punishment. Will give

This section of the law will be the heaviest

According to an official of the team of Rajasthan Special Operation Group engaged in the investigation, “In the viral video, both the accused are clearly seen doing obscene acts in front of a 5-6 year old child. This is the reason that serious sections of offenses like child sexual abuse have also been added in the case registered in this case. So that there is no scope for any help to the accused in any way legally in the court. Will the testimony of a 6-year-old child and the only eyewitness (besides the viral video) of the incident be made in court in this entire case?

In response to this question, an officer of the Directorate General of Rajasthan State Police said, “Whether the child’s testimony will be done or not. It is too early to say all this. By the way, all the other evidence that has come so far, including CCTV footage, viral videos, also seems to be enough to get the accused convicted in the court. In the end, the child is a strong witness.” If there is merit in this statement of the police officer, then now the question arises that, in this case, only a child will stand in the court against the mother in the court? Even if this happened and the court accepted the child’s testimony and sentenced the accused mother, even then the decision of this case would be no less than an example for the coming generations of the law and the police.

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