Rajasthan: Many new methods of cheating in REET exam have been revealed, training given in the moving bus to use sanitary napkins and slippers mobile

Rajasthan: REET परीक्षा में नकल कराने के कई नए तरीकों का हुआ खुलासा, सैनिटरी नैपकिन और चप्पल मोबाइल को यूज करने की चलती बस में दी गई ट्रेनिंग

In this way the imitation material was fitted in the slippers.

The police arrested the gang who cheated in the REET exam held on Sunday in Rajasthan. Along with the gang members, the police have also caught many youths who were dreaming of passing the exam with the help of copying. In the police interrogation, the accused have exposed such methods of copying. The police are also shocked to hear which. Along with the method of copying by hiding the device in slippers and sanitary napkins in the exam, a training session was also conducted for the candidates before the exam.

The police has arrested the youth who organized this training session from Ganga city. On Thursday night, the police arrested one accused Rakesh, who is believed to be closest to Tulsiram Kaler, the main kingpin of the sandal gang.

imitation training given in moving bus

Rakesh Jat, who lives in Chaudhary Colony of Gangashahar, has been arrested. According to the police, Rakesh is closest to Tulsiram, the head of the chappal gang.
Police believe that all the activities related to copying used to happen at Rakesh’s house itself. It has been revealed in the interrogation that a day before the REET exam i.e. on September 25, Rakesh made about 20 candidates sit in a hired bus and took them to Jaipur Road. Tulsiram also came and sat in the bus on Jaipur Road.

Inside this moving bus, Rakesh trained all the examinees to copy. Simultaneously, Tulsiram explained the entire planning to the examinees, explaining the working of the device to be hidden in the imitation electronic slippers and sanitary napkins.

Keller’s arrest is the target of the police

The main effort of the police is to arrest the kingpin Tulsiram Kaler. By arresting all his henchmen, the police is tightening the noose on him. It has also become a matter of investigation that the information about the candidates who were arrested by the police before the exam was not given to anyone. Even after this, Keller got a clue. He absconded. Someone has reported this action to Keller.

Case has already been registered against Kler

In 2013-14, three cases were registered against Kaler in JNVC police station. A total of seven cases have been registered against him so far, including the one registered at present. Sources say that Kaler may have a role in rigging and cheating in every competitive exam.

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