Rajasthan: Farmers hold police hostage in Sriganganagar, lock SDM office; Protest continues over demand for water

जयपुर के बिल्डर से मांगी गई एक करोड़ की फिरौती, जेल से आया था वॉट्सएप कॉल, प्रोडक्शन वारंट पर लॉरेंश विश्नोई गिरफ्तार

Rajasthan Police. (signal picture)

There is a fire for water in Sri Ganganagar district, known as the rice bowl of Rajasthan. During this, where the farmer of Ghadsana, who became famous with the farmers’ movement, seems to be furious against the Gehlot government. Farmers here are demanding 2 out of 4 groups of water in Indira Gandhi Canal Project, while the state government is not agreeing to it. The farmers, who have been agitating for a long time on this matter, stalled the administrative arrangements on Saturday. Along with this, he had a fierce clash with the police and after that late night he locked the SDM office. After this, the DSP and another police officer were taken hostage. However, till now both the police officers are in the possession of the farmers.

In fact, the farmers of Sriganganagar district have been demanding regularization of the arrangement of water for irrigation in the fields for the past several days. If this did not affect the government, then he had warned a few days ago that on Saturday no officer and employee of the government would be able to do any kind of administrative work. So that they will be forced to stop the administrative arrangements.

A heated argument with farmers and police

It is worth noting that even though the offices were closed on Saturday, the necessary administrative arrangements including law and order and SDM office were completely stalled. During this, when the farmers started entering the SDM office in the evening, there was a fierce debate between the farmers and the policemen. In such a situation, the angry farmers broke the barricading at the gate. At present, 12 to 15 thousand farmers are being told on the spot late at night, to stop them heavy police force has been deployed here.

Farmers locked in SDM office

Let us tell that late night the anger of the farmers increased so much that they locked both the gates of the SDM office and took the DSP and another police officer hostage. At present, apart from these officers, about 150 policemen are also locked in the SDM office. Earlier in the evening, the farmers were furious after clashes with police personnel and failed attempts to enter the SDM office. At night, DSP Jaidev Sihag was in the SDM office with about 150 jawans and another high officer.

Police made security cordon

During this, the farmers were continuously raising various types of slogans including giving full water to the farmers. They were making every effort to enter the SDM office, while on the other hand the policemen also tried to stop them. The police later removed the iron barricades and formed a security cordon standing nearby. No farmer was allowed to go beyond the security cordon. After a scuffle for about 15 minutes, the farmers calmed down. Later he did not enter the SDM office but continued to protest outside the picketing site.

Police’s appeal to maintain peace was ineffective

It is worth noting that in the year 2004, there has been a fierce movement against the government for irrigation water in Ghadsana. In such a situation, the farmers’ movement had also increased the concern of the government officials. Where on Friday, the District Collector and the SP also talked to the farmer leaders of Ghadsana and appealed to them to maintain peace. But by evening it became ineffective. The farmer leaders have told the Collector and the SP of the district that there should be no confrontation with the farmers. However, in the evening, the farmers got into a tussle with the policemen and there was a fierce scuffle between them.

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