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Rajasthan: Daughter raped by step father, court sentenced 20 years rigorous imprisonment; The victim’s mother’s third marriage was with the convict

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A court in Rajasthan’s Pali on Thursday sentenced a stepfather to 20 years of rigorous imprisonment for raping his own nine-and-a-half-year-old daughter. Special Judge Prahlad Rai Sharma has also imposed a fine of Rs 35 thousand 100 on the guilty father Mohan Singh Rajput. Judge Prahlad Rai Sharma, while giving his verdict during the hearing, said that a father who has the responsibility of protecting and protecting the daughter. If he does such a heinous act then how will the daughters be safe. Strictest punishment should be given to such criminals.

The special judge said that the father who was responsible for the protection of the minor daughter. He has done such a heinous act with his innocent daughter. Which is very despicable and shameful.

The mother had filed the report against the father

Special Public Prosecutor Sandeep Nehra told that a woman had lodged a report at the Sanderao police station on 8 December 2020. In which it was said that her husband had raped the step-daughter. The mother had told in the report that she was finding her daughter calm and uncomfortable for a long time. After seeing her upset for a long time, when she asked lovingly, she told that Papa had done something wrong with her. The minor told that after everyone slept in the house, the father used to take her to the hall and rape her. The daughter told the mother that even a few days after Diwali, she had done wrong things to her.

Papa said – ‘If I tell anyone, I will kill you and mother’

On being asked by the mother, the girl told the mother that the father used to do wrong things by intimidation and knife. Father used to tell him that if you told anyone, I would kill you and your mother. On registering the report, the police arrested the accused stepfather and presented him in the court. On Wednesday, the court convicted the accused Mohan Singh Rajput and sentenced him to 20 years of rigorous imprisonment with a fine of Rs 35 thousand 100.

Victim’s mother had done love marriage with the convict

The victim’s mother had remarried after the death of her first husband. After marriage, Mohan Singh came in mother’s life. Mohan Singh trapped the victim’s mother in the web of love. The victim’s mother had left her second husband after falling in love with Mohan. She had done love marriage with Mohan and started living with Mohan Singh with two children.

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