Railways started operation of passenger train, this train will run daily, know timing and route

Changes in the route of these trains on the occasion of Diwali, know all the work

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Railways has announced to resume the passenger train running from Jodhpur. With the commissioning of this train, local and short distance travellers will benefit. They will be able to reach their destination easily in less time. According to a statement issued by the railways, this train is starting from Jodhpur from October 8 while from Bilara station it will run from October 9.

According to Captain Shashi Kiran, Chief Public Relations Officer of North Western Railway, Train No. 04845, Jodhpur-Bilara Passenger Special will leave Jodhpur at 18.05 hrs every day from 08.10.2021, Rai Ka Bagh at 18.11 hrs, Jodhpur Cantt at 18.21 hrs, Banad at 18.30 hrs, 18.40 hrs. Jajiwal will reach Asranada at 18.51 hrs, Khedi Salwa at 19.03 hrs, Pipar Road at 19.09 hrs, Pipar City at 19.43 hrs, Silari at 19.58 hrs and Bilara at 20.20 hrs.

This train will run from Bilara from October 9

Similarly, Train No. 04826, Bilara – Jodhpur Passenger Special will leave Bilara at 05.00 hrs everyday from 09.10.2021, Bhavi at 05.32 hrs, Silari at 05.51 hrs, Pipar City at 06.06 hrs, Pipar Road at 06.33 hrs, Khedi Salwa at 06.45 hrs, Asaranada at 06.56 hrs. Jajiwal at 07.05 hrs, Banad at 07.14 hrs, Jodhpur Cantt at 07.23 hrs and will reach Jodhpur at 08.45 hrs via Rai Ka Bagh at 08.15 hrs. In this train service, there will be a total of 10 coaches including 8 second ordinary class and two guard coaches.

These vehicles have been expanded

At the same time, the Railways said on Thursday that changes have also been made in the route and operation of some trains. According to railways, Train No. 06053/06054, Madurai-Bikaner-Madurai Weekly Festival Special train service will leave Madurai from 11.11.21 to 27.01.22 (12 trips) (every Thursday) and from Bikaner on 14.11. From 21 to 30.01.22 (12 trips) (every Sunday) is being extended.

Apart from this, Train No. 06067/06068, Chennai Egmore-Jodhpur-Chennai Egmore Weekly Festival Special train will run from Chennai Egmore from 13.11.21 to 29.01.22 (12 trips) (every Saturday) and from Jodhpur. Extended from 15.11.21 to 31.01.22 (12 trips) (every Monday).

In another decision, Railways has blocked traffic for 06 hours from 23.35 to 05.35 hrs on 10.10.21, on Sunday, 10.10.21, due to road under bridge construction work between Deeang-Suchan Kotli stations in Bathinda-Hisar railway section of Bikaner division. This will affect rail traffic.

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