Railways made big changes to increase safety in trains, know how your journey will become more safe now

रेलवे ने ट्रेनों में सुरक्षा बढ़ाने के लिए किए बड़े बदलाव, जानें अब कैसे ज्यादा सेफ बनेगा आपका सफर

Indian Railways has decided to make many major changes in terms of safety in trains.

Indian Railways News: Indian Railways has decided to make many major changes in terms of safety in trains. Railway Protection Force (RPF) has decided to make many changes in trains for its escort team. In fact, during the inspection of trains in the past, the RPF had noticed many flaws.

According to Railway Ministry sources, during the inspection it was seen that only RPF personnel are leading the escorting party in the trains. There is no petty officer or even head constable present in it. That is, there is no in-charge of the RPF team present in the trains. It was recognized that there is no supervision of the security of trains with the senior officers and the deployment of RPF in trains remains only a routine work and ritual payment. To improve this, the Directorate General of RPF has issued many orders.

The presence of an officer in the escort party will be necessary

Under the decision taken by the Railways, it will now be necessary for an officer to be present in the escort party in trains. If the officer is not present, a head constable must be present as in-charge. It will be necessary to give information about the entire route in advance to the RPF team deployed in trains, that is, information about the criminals of the area, the mode of crime and what they have to do or what not to do during this time. All this information will have to be given to the RPF team every time before starting the journey.

In terms of security in trains, the RPF team will have to exchange the signature with the team present at the stations. RPF escorting trains in Railways is given a command certificate during every journey. On this, the in-charge present at the station will have to sign it. Whereas on the platform also there is a bit book for the duty of RPF and the RPF in-charge of the train will have to sign on this book. This will also confirm whether there is an in-charge present in the train or not. Along with this, complete information about the route ahead can also be taken from the RPF team present at the station of the route.

RPF escort team present in about 2500 trains

At present, RPF escort team is present in about 2500 trains in the Railways. Whereas, RPF police stations or outposts are present at 1400 major stations. Apart from this, a temporary post of RPF is also made according to the need in the fair area or the areas of criminal incident. Now it will take a few days to implement this new system. But this will make the safety in trains more solid and better.

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