Railway’s big step to save the country from power crisis, 24 hours train running to deliver coal to power plant

देश को बिजली संकट से बचाने को रेलवे का बड़ा कदम, पावर प्लांट को कोयला पहुंचाने के लिए 24 घंटे चल रहीं ट्रेन

Train running to deliver coal to power plant

Amidst the power crisis in the country, the Railways has taken a big step. Now trains are running 24 hours a day to deliver coal to the power plant. The national transporter has declared this shortage of coal as an emergency. The Principal Chief Operating Managers of all Zonal Railways have been instructed to prepare operational control rooms round the clock.

Meanwhile, the number of coal being loaded daily rose to around 440-450 on Monday. On Monday, 1.77 million tonnes of coal was transferred, up from 1.48 million tonnes on the same day last year. Sources said that even though the demand reaches to around 500 rakes in a day, the transporters will supply it comfortably. Officials said a large number of coal is coming from coalfields in the eastern part of the country and such areas are served by the East Central Railway.

Strictly monitor the movement of rakes

In a tussle with the ministries of power and coal, the railways have assured that the carrying capacity of the national transporter (Capacity National Transporter) and they are ready to transport as much coal as needed to the power stations. A senior ministry official said, “The situation will not return to normal in a day or two and we are fully prepared to meet the demand of coal transportation. Loading-unloading as well as movement of empty rakes are being strictly monitored and sources said that the wait is November, traditionally witnessing a fall in power demand.

Due to this, there is a problem of power cut from city to village for 10 to 12 hours. The country’s largest coal producer Coal India is behind in meeting the demand for coal in power plants. The situation is that instead of 310 rakes, Coal India is able to supply only 265 rakes per day. There has been a huge reduction in the stock in the power plants of DVC, NTPC, WPDCL. According to the information received there, India meets 30 percent of its coal demand from outside the country. India’s coal reserves or production meet 70 percent of the total coal demand in the country. The country has about 300 billion tonnes of coal reserves. To meet its energy requirement, India also has to import coal from Indonesia, Australia and America.

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