Railway earnings increased by 113% as soon as the lockdown ended, 96 percent trains returned on track

रेलवे ने ट्रेनों में सुरक्षा बढ़ाने के लिए किए बड़े बदलाव, जानें अब कैसे ज्यादा सेफ बनेगा आपका सफर

Railway earnings increase

With the easing of restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus and the beginning of the festive season, the Railways has registered a growth of 113 per cent in earnings from the passenger segment during the second quarter of 2021-2022 as compared to earlier, according to an RTI report. I have come. Amidst the restrictions of Corona, the Railways continued to operate many trains and ran a special train for the convenience of the passengers. This has seen an increase in the earnings of the Railways.

The earnings of the Railways were reduced during 2020-21 due to Corona lockdown and restrictions. During the first and second wave all its regular services were temporarily suspended for most of the year. Now it is seeing a gradual increase in it. So far, the Railways has restored 96 percent of the trains that were operational before COVID. Railways says that as the situation improves, the operation of trains will be increased further. Railways is currently running special trains for passengers and the status of starting regular service is not clear yet.

RTI reply

Chandrashekhar Gaur of Madhya Pradesh had asked a question in RTI in which it was asked about the earnings from the Railways. Railway’s reply has come on this RTI. In its reply, the Railways has said that in the first quarter, the Railways has earned Rs 4,921.11 crore from passenger fares. According to the Railways, in the second quarter, the earnings of the Railways have been recorded at Rs 10,513.07 crore. There has been a jump of several percentages in the second quarter as compared to the first quarter. The reason for this is the relaxation of the restrictions and lockdown of the corona virus. This has increased the number of passengers. Accordingly, the number of trains has also been increased. More increase will be seen in the coming days.

railway running special train

After the relaxation of the lockdown, the Railways is currently running only special trains. Special trains are being run for long distances as well as short distances. All these trains are running in the name of special train but facilities are being given as before. According to the railways, the fare of the special passenger train is slightly higher than that of the regular train. At some places, platform ticket prices have also been increased. In this regard, the Railways says that this step has been taken to reduce the crowd of people or to avoid unnecessary travel. Recently, at some stations in Mumbai, the price of platform tickets was raised to Rs 50 and the railways said that this step has to be taken to prevent crowds of people from gathering at the station and platform.

323 Holiday Special Train on Trek

Railways is currently running 1402 Mail Express on normal fare while 323 Holiday Special trains are being run with slightly higher fare. Railways has started operating Puja special trains. Earlier Ganpati special trains were also run. Railways has said that right now the increase in earnings is visible because more trains are being run than before. People are now traveling by rail not only for business but also for holidays. Many restrictions were imposed in Maharashtra earlier but now completely exempted.

decrease in freight train earnings

There is a slight decrease in the earnings of the goods train. Railways received Rs 33,241.75 crore from freight traffic in the first quarter, while it declined to Rs 32,102.34 crore in the second quarter. When the impact of Corona was at its peak, the earnings of the Railways had fallen to a great extent. Later it is seeing a gradual increase, which is clear that people are now giving preference to rail travel for business and holidays. In 2019-20, the Railways earned Rs 53,525.57 crore, in 2020-21 it reached Rs 15,507.68 crore. In the passenger segment, this loss was 71.03 percent. The Railways has suffered a loss of about Rs 38,017 crore in the Corona epidemic.

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