Prices of fruits started touching the sky due to festivals, know what is the rate

त्यौहारों के चलते आसमान छूने लगे फलों के दाम, जानें क्या है रेट

Fruit prices increase due to Navratri

Fruit prices are sky high due to Navratri. Most of the markets are crowded with fruit buyers. Because a large number of people are on fast these days. In which they are eating fruits. The rate of fruits has increased in many districts of Maharashtra. Due to Navratri in Satara district, along with local fruits, a large number of foreign fruits are also being sold fast in the markets. Meanwhile, the increase in demand has led to a sharp increase in the prices of fruits.

During Navratri, devotees of Mata especially women keep fast for nine days. Some women eat one meal at a time and one fruit at a time. Whereas many women eat only fruits without eating for nine days. So naturally the demand for fruits has increased during Navratri. The demand for fruits is increasing after Ganesh festival. In view of the demand for fruits in Navratri this year, vendors are bringing a large number of fruits from the mandis for sale.

Due to festivals, the demand for groundnut has also increased in the markets these days. Fruit carts can be seen everywhere in the city, in Rajwada area, bus stand, Powai Naka. The prices of fruits have also increased in the markets of Mumbai.

By how much did the price of fruits increase?

Dates are also consumed in the fasting of Navratri. Presently the price of dates ranges between Rs 80 to Rs 270 per kg. Mostly yam, banana and apple are used in fasting. Quality bananas cost around Rs 40 to Rs 60 per dozen. The same yam is getting around Rs 50 a kg.
The price of apple is 100 to 150 rupees. Even on the day of Ashtami, the rate has increased significantly. It is expected to increase further on the day of Navami.

What is the price of which fruit?

Chikoo 60 to 100
Orange 150 to 200
Pomegranate 60 to 100
Guava 60 to 100
Did 40 to 60
Date 100 to 270

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