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Precaution! Fraud happening in the name of booster dose of COVID vaccine, bank account will be emptied by mistake

The process of applying the vaccine i.e. booster dose of COVID vaccine has started, and people are being cheated in the name of this. In fact, especially senior citizens are being targeted in this.

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With the increase in online activities, it is known to all how the cases of fraud have increased for some time. Every day many people lose their hard earned money because of cyber fraud (Cyber Fraud) The trick that people use to defraud people. It is very difficult to understand that. Often people are instructed not to fall in the greed of free gifts, vouchers. But fraudsters think of a way of cheating in anything, which is very difficult for a common person to think. In fact, the work of vaccination is also going on continuously to prevent the increasing cases of COVID in the country. At the same time, frontline workers who have got both the doses and people above 60 years of age are given booster doses (Booster Dose) installation process has also been started. But do you know, fraud with you in the name of booster dose (Fraud) is being planned.

Fraudsters can call or message you to take booster dose, during this time your hard earned money will be emptied by asking for OTP number, so be careful and do not give OTP to anyone.

Fraud in the name of booster dose

The process of applying the vaccine i.e. booster dose of COVID vaccine has started, and through this fraudsters are looking for new ways. Actually, senior citizens are being targeted in this. In this, first of all you are called in the name of registration and information related to vaccination is taken from you.

During this, OTP will be sent to you first saying about the registration of booster dose and OTP will be demanded to complete the registration. Do not share OTP number even by mistake. If there are senior citizens in your family, then inform them about this in advance. Otherwise your bank will be empty.

Beware of such fraud calls

Cyber ​​thugs will call you and tell all the information like your Aadhar number, name, age, address, so that everything looks real. But do not trust it even by mistake, because such a method has been adopted to cheat you by making you believe. Calling you, it will be said that sir, you have taken both the doses. At the same time, you are also eligible to take a booster dose, so the registration is being done in your name, for this you will have to tell OTP. But it is important that you do not tell OTP.

keep these things in mind

If you are also eligible for a booster dose, you can book an appointment yourself online, or book on the spot. Therefore, do not share the OTP number to any unknown person.

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