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Prashant Kishor first join Congress, then give your views, Harish Rawat said on his entry in the party

Harish Rawat (Photo- PTI)

These days there is a discussion about Prashant Kishor’s entry in Congress. In recent days, there is a round of speculation about his meetings with Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi. Suspense continues on the plans of election strategist Prashant Kishor regarding Congress. In such a situation, senior party leader Harish Rawat has said that he is welcome to join the Congress as a worker. Rawat said the party cannot be kept under the control of a particular person, no matter how capable he is.

When asked about Prashant Kishor in the Indian Express Idea Exchange, Harish Rawat said, “Anyone who is an Indian citizen, who believes in the freedom movement and certain values ​​of Congress, can become a member of the party. In such a situation, Prashant Kishor can also join Congress. We are always open to new ideas, he said. But the party cannot be run according to a particular person. He may be a very capable person but we cannot say that now you work on our behalf, we will stop working.” Senior leader Harish Rawat further said, “Congress has a very democratic way of working. The way in which everyone has a role. If Prashant Kishor feels that he can play an important role through Congress, he is always welcome. But it is also very clear that he will follow our Constitution, our tradition.

Prashant Kishor insisted on joining Congress as a member

When asked whether he meant that Prashant Kishor should first join the Congress party as a member, Harish Rawat said that Prashant Kishor is known for his political expertise and the party can benefit from it. “There is a method in the Congress and it has to be adopted. Prashant Kishor will have to come to the party through this. First they have to become a member then things will automatically move forward and we will find a suitable role, suitable job for them. Harish Rawat further said, we will not keep a man like Prashant Kishor in the waiting list. But first he should join Congress and only then should try to impose his views.

Entry in Congress after the coming 5 assembly elections

These days there is speculation about Prashant Kishor becoming the ‘troubleshooter’ of the Congress in the upcoming assembly elections of 5 states. Rashid Kidwai, author of 4 Akbar Road and Sonia: A Biography, has answered ‘No’. Rashid Kidwai clearly states in the article that Prashant Kishor’s entry in Congress is possible only after the coming 5 assembly elections. The trio of Gandhi family has agreed on this idea. According to Kidwai, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi have flagged off the discussion on Prashant Kishor’s entry into the Congress after the assembly elections in Punjab, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Goa and Manipur are over. Prashant Kishor has also shown no haste for this and he too has agreed with the words of the Gandhi family.

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