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Pragya Thakur annoyed by the posters of being ‘missing’ in Bhopal, said – only patriots can live in the country

Posters of Pragya Thakur’s disappearance were put up in Bhopal.

Pragya Singh Thakur, BJP MP from Bhopal Lok Sabha seat, criticized a state Congress MLA for putting up posters of his disappearance during the COVID-19 pandemic, saying that there is no place in the country for such Congressmen and anti-nationals. There is no place, only patriots can live in the country.

In a program organized on Friday night, Thakur targeted Congress’s Bhopal South MLA PC Sharma while Sharma was present in the program itself. After this, Sharma left the program midway. During the program, Thakur described Hindus as patriots and took a veiled dig at senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh and said that a person cannot become holy by doing the Narmada Parikrama.

Thakur said at an event at MVM Maidan, “An animal also has a sense of humor, when its child dies, when it is ill, it cries. But they have also gone by animal. They don’t consider the sick to be sick, first they tortured (me) and when I got sick, they put up posters of our missing.

He said, “Shame on such people. Such people are not fit to become MLAs, but become MLAs. Such people call themselves Hindus, but they are insensitive. They attack us. Shame on such Congressmen. I tell such anti-nationals, there is no place for them in India, if you stay in India, you will remain only a patriot.

Targeting Digvijay Singh

He said that the country is with the Hindus as they are patriots. He said, “If the patriots understand their identity, then the borders will be secure, India will be united, India will reach glory.” The unrighteous cannot become pure by circumambulating the Narmada.

MLA targeted

It is known that Congress leader Digvijay Singh had done the 3,300 km long Narmada Parikrama on foot in 2017. Congress MLA Sharma, who left the program midway after Pragya attacked her in her speech, later said, “It was a social platform and not a political one, where she made political comments. It was a Dussehra event but he insulted those who have done the Narmada Parikrama. Whatever may be her (Pragya) target, it is condemnable.”

“She (Pragya) said that posters of her disappearance were put up. The people of Bhopal were worried about beds, medicines and injections in hospitals during the epidemic for two years. She is the MP of Bhopal and people were demanding her to solve their problems.” On the question of Congressmen having no place in the country, Sharma said that it will be decided by the Constitution and not by Pragya Thakur.

MLA said that the court should take cognizance

He said, “The country got independence from Congress and at that time these people were with the British. She is trying to vitiate the atmosphere as she is playing kabaddi and garba after being out on bail on health grounds (in Malegaon blast case), so the court should take cognizance of it.

BJP secretary Rahul Kothari, who tried to stop Sharma from leaving during the Dussehra event, told PTI that the Congress MLA should not have left the stage. “When the Congress MLA was feeling ashamed, why sit on the stage? The Bhopal MP did not take anyone’s name.

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