Power cuts started in Punjab due to shortage of coal, PSPCL officials said – the situation is very serious

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power generation crisis

Due to acute shortage of coal at thermal power plants in Punjab, power company PSPCL has had to cut production and power supply is being cut alternately at many places in the state. The state government has criticized the Center for its inadequate supply of coal. An official of Punjab State Electricity Corporation Limited (PSPCL) said on Saturday that coal-fired power plants are operating at low capacity due to shortage of coal.

The PSPCL official said that the power situation has become critical. Power plants in the state now have coal reserves of up to five days. He said that the plants are not being operated at full capacity to save coal. Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi on Saturday hit out at the central government over alleged insufficient supply of coal and feared that thermal power plants in the state may have to be shut down in the coming few days due to sharp shortage in supply of coal. Is.

The power demand in the state is around 9,000 MW.

He said that Punjab was not getting enough coal despite having tie up with various subsidiaries of Coal India Limited. Channi demanded the central government to supply coal to Punjab immediately so that the power crisis could be prevented from becoming severe. Presently the power demand in the state is around 9,000 MW. Apart from the demand for electricity from the agriculture sector, the high day temperature is also increasing the power requirements in the state, officials said.

Though PSPCL officials claimed minimum power cut, there are reports of power cuts for two-three hours at many places in the state. Said that all thermal power plants are not able to generate electricity at full capacity due to short supply of coal.

so many days left

PSPCL Chairman and Managing Director A Venu Prasad informed Channi that thermal power plants across the country are facing power generation below capacity due to short supply of coal. He informed that Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in the state The coal reserves with the plants are less than two days, with Nabha Power Limited for 1.9 days, Talwandi Sabo Power Limited for 1.3 days and GVK for 0.6 days.

He said that the state-owned Ropar Thermal Power Plant and Lehra Mohabbat Thermal Power Plant have four to five days’ coal left. They should have coal reserves of at least 30 days. But this level of reserves is not complied with by the state plants.

The official said that some coal was supplied to the power plants for operation on Friday. He said that due to low production, PSPCL has to buy power from the energy exchange, which is getting at the rate of Rs 10 per unit, which is quite a lot. It is expensive. Venu Prasad said that he has written a letter to the Center to increase the supply of coal. Officials claimed that the situation would improve in the coming few days.

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