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Power cut increased the problems of farmers, crop drying up due to lack of irrigation

Farmers’ problems increased due to power cut

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Electricity Crisis: The entire country is getting scorching heat. The fields are getting dry even after irrigating everyday due to strong sunlight. In the midst of all this, the power cut has added to the problems of the farmers. Because without electricity farmers are not able to irrigate. Crops are wilting and yields are decreasing.

The country is facing severe heat at this time. The earth is drying up due to strong sunlight and high temperature. Irrigation to farmers every day (Irrigation) have to do. This has added to the problems of the farmers. power on (Power Cut) cut farmers (Farmers) has doubled the problem. Because it is necessary to irrigate, in the absence of water in the field, the crop (Crop) are drying up and there is no electricity to irrigate. Irrigation is becoming a problem due to lack of electricity. This is a time when many crops and vegetables have fruit and flowering time, so if there is a lack of water during this time, fruiting may decrease, flowers may wither and eventually yield may decrease.

Along with the common man, the problems of the farmers have also increased due to the shortage of electricity. Due to the power cut, the cultivation of wheat and vegetables is being affected on a large scale around the capital Delhi. Farmers say that due to not being able to irrigate the fields on time, the crop in the field is withering. Due to power cuts, electricity comes only for two-three hours in rural areas, due to which irrigation is not being done. Farmers say that there is more trouble than undeclared cuts.

Electricity coming for two to three hours

Farmers say that if they get information about power cuts in advance, then they will not have to face any problem. Earlier 10 hours electricity was being provided in rural areas but now electricity is coming only for 2 to 3 hours in many areas. How happy the farmers are when electricity comes, it can be gauged from the fact that when the team of TV 9 reached the farmers to take stock of the situation and was discussing their situation with the farmers, at that time the electricity came and the farmers were Water started coming from the tube well. Due to this the faces of the farmers blossomed.

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Irrigation is not being done at the right time due to lack of electricity

This is the situation of electricity in other states including Jharkhand, not Delhi. Politics is also being done on this. Looking at the weather in Jharkhand also, agricultural scientists are advising farmers to irrigate every day. But due to lack of electricity, they are not able to irrigate. The most disturbing thing is that in the areas where there is electricity facility for the last 10 years, the farmers in those areas do not even have diesel powered motors or if they are, they are in a bad condition due to non-use, so the problems of the farmers increase further. has been added.

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