Power Crisis: Why is the power crisis increasing in the country?

China got a big shock due to power crisis, foreign companies made plans to invest in other countries

The power crisis in India has deepened. (signal picture)

The shortage of coal has put the country on the cusp of a major power crisis. The country’s power plants are on the verge of closure. Similar apprehensions are being expressed with the speed at which the coal running these power plants is being exhausted. It is feared that in the next 24 to 72 hours, many parts of the country may be submerged in darkness. Electricity supply companies in Delhi have warned people. Companies have told that if the situation does not improve then there may be a black out in the capital. There is a power shortage in the entire Jharkhand including Ranchi. Due to low power generation, there is power cut for hours. The situation is that people are forced to live in the dark.

The power supply is only 1098 MW. Coal production has decreased due to heavy rains in Jharkhand. In such a situation, the supply of coal to the power plant has reduced. As a result, the production of electricity has decreased. No concrete arrangements have been made yet to fix the supply of coal to power plants. However, the officers of Jharkhand are confident that the situation can improve. Not only Delhi and Jharkhand, many areas of UP, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are also facing the problem of power cuts. Due to shortage of coal and lack of production in power plants, there is shortage of electricity here too. The government is in action to deal with the power crisis. Monitoring of coal fired power plants is being done.

Electricity companies in Delhi alerted consumers by sending messages

The government has tried to fix the supply of coal to coal-based power plants as soon as possible, but when the time is short. If the situation does not improve in the next 24 to 48 hours, then a large part of the country may become a victim of black out. Do not take this crisis lightly. This is not news that we are telling you exaggeratedly. Electricity companies in Delhi have alerted the consumers by sending messages. You can also get such a message at any time. That is why today you should watch this news very carefully and carefully.

This question must be going in your mind that why the blackout crisis is so big. How have we come close to darkness? We tell you this. 70 percent of the electricity supplied in the country comes from thermal power plants. There are a total of 135 thermal power plants in the country, in which 1.4 million tonnes of coal stock is required for power generation. Thermal power plants keep coal stock for about 40 days. In September this year, thermal power plants in India had coal stocks of about 81 lakh tonnes. This was 76 percent less than last year. As a result, 15 thermal power plants have run out of coal. 70 thermal power plants have only 24 hours of coal left. 5 days coal is left with 50 thermal power plants.

You understand this crisis in such a way that if 100 units of electricity are generated in the country, then 70 units of electricity is produced in these thermal power plants and due to shortage of coal, these power plants are on the verge of closure at this time. Due to the festive season, the demand for electricity increases in the month of September-October every year, so the stock of coal is already kept in thermal power plants, but this year the coal crisis has arisen. This happened because the monsoon ended late, due to which the production of coal decreased, due to the filling of water in the coal mines, production decreased due to bad weather, there has been trouble in transporting coal. India has coal reserves of 300 billion tonnes, but still a large amount of coal is imported.

The price of coal in the international market increased by 40 percent

India imports coal from many countries including Australia, Indonesia. The government had estimated the consumption of 700 metric tonnes of coal to deal with the crisis, but the price of coal in the international market has increased by 40 percent. In Indonesia, the price of coal was $ 60 per tonne in March 2021, which has now increased to $ 200 per tonne. The price of coal in Australia and New Zealand has also risen sharply. India imports 70 percent of its coal for electricity generation from Australia, but due to the increase in prices here, the import of coal has decreased. In the midst of the power crisis, it is also important to know what is the condition of electricity generation in the country and who makes the electricity that lights up your homes and our homes.

Central government institutions generate 25 percent of the electricity generated in the country. 27 percent are made by state government institutions. 48 percent are made by private sector institutions. Due to the festive season and overcoming the corona crisis, industrial activities have increased rapidly in the country, hence the demand for electricity has also increased. In 2019, the total consumption of electricity in the month of August-September was 10 thousand 660 crore units per month. In 2021, it has increased to 12 thousand 420 crore units per month. It can be understood in such a way that the demand for electricity in the country was 174 GW as on October 4, 2021. On October 2, 2020, the demand for electricity in the country was 159 GW i.e. this year the demand for electricity has increased. Not only this, about 28 crore consumers of electricity have increased in the country. This has increased the demand for electricity. In such a situation, the crisis may increase due to reduced power generation.

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