Power crisis is deepening in Jharkhand, cuts are happening everywhere, next seven days are important

झारखंड में गहराता जा रहा बिजली संकट, हर जगह हो रही कटौती, अगले सात दिन अहम

Power crisis deepens in Jharkhand (symbolic picture)

The power crisis in Jharkhand is deepening. Load shedding is being done everywhere from village to city. In the urban areas of the state including the capital Ranchi, electricity is available only for 17-18 hours. Whereas in rural areas, electricity is being provided for 14-15 hours. It is festival time, in such a situation the problems of people have increased due to power cuts. It is being told that this problem of electricity may persist for the next seven days.

Coal production has been affected

It is being told that due to heavy rains this time, the coal mine has been filled with water, due to which the production of coal has been affected. Along with this, the coal which is there has become wet. Therefore it cannot be used at present. The coal stock in the power plant has reached the verge of running out. Due to which the power companies are not able to produce more electricity.

Jharkhand is getting less power

KK Verma, Director (Operation) of Jharkhand Bijli Vitran Nigam and MD of Jharkhand Energy Transmission Corporation, said regarding the current situation of electricity that at present the situation is not good across the country regarding this. This is a state of national calamity. Due to the shortage of coal, many power plants in the country are producing less than capacity. Same is the case in Jharkhand also. 450 to 500 MW less power is being supplied to Jharkhand. Appealing to the people, he has said that this crisis will last for the next seven days, so use electricity only when needed.

Jharkhand buys electricity from national grid

Jharkhand produces about 500 MW of electricity. At the same time, out of two units of TVNL, one unit has been shut down, due to which only 150 MW of electricity is being generated. On the other hand, after including the DVC command area in Jharkhand, the demand for electricity remains 2200 MW. Here, about 180 MW of electricity is being received from the modern power plant, while 105 MW is being received from Sikidri Hydroelectric power and 50 MW from Inland Power. To meet the demand, Jharkhand has to buy electricity from the national grid every day.

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