Power crisis deepens in Jharkhand, lack of coal supply, reduction in power generation, load shedding

झारखंड में गहरा रहा बिजली संकट, कोयले की आपूर्ति कम होने के कारण बिजली उत्पादन में आयी कमी, हो रही लोड शेडिंग

Coal companies in Jharkhand have very little stock of coal (indicative picture)

The power crisis in Jharkhand is deepening. Due to the reduced supply of coal to the coal companies, it has had an impact on power generation. Due to which continuous load shedding is being done in Jharkhand. Power is being supplied through load shedding across the state. Power generating companies have cut power supply. The production at NTPC’s plant has also reduced. A small amount of electricity is being supplied by Solar Energy Corporation of India.

485 MW is short supply

In Jharkhand, at present, all the power companies have cut the supply, due to which the state is getting 485 MW less power than the state’s consumption. Jharkhand requires 2100 MW of electricity at peak hour, whereas at present only 1615 MW is being supplied. Due to this, load shedding is being done in the entire state including the capital Ranchi. Significantly, due to load shedding during Navratri, people are facing a lot of trouble.

depleted coal stock

In fact, the stock of coal in Jharkhand’s power plant has also reduced. Due to which production is being feared to stop. The power plant keeps a stock of coal for 25 days, but now everyone has a stock of coal for five to ten days. Because the supply of coal is not getting according to the demand. The supply of coal to DVC’s Koderma Thermal Power Plant, Chandrapura Thermal Power Plant and Bokaro Thermal Power Plant has come down by up to 40 per cent, due to which the stock is getting depleted.

Reduced production in coal companies

In fact, due to rain in the companies of Coal India, production has been affected. Due to rain, the target set by CCL to lift coal from coal mines of Jharkhand has not been fulfilled. In the month of September, CCL produced 4.1 million tonnes of coal this time, compared to 4.8 million tonnes in the same period last year.

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