PM Modi’s journey of 20 years shows the passion to serve the people, said Defense Minister Rajnath Singh

सत्ता में पीएम नरेंद्र मोदी के हुए 20 साल, टीवी9 भारतवर्ष पर नीतियों-रणनीतियों की स्पेशल सीरीज

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (file photo)

Today 20 years have been completed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who came to power. On this day 20 years ago, he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Since then, he has been continuously becoming the post of Chief Minister and Prime Minister. Narendra Modi, who has been holding the post of Prime Minister for the last 7 years, had previously been the Chief Minister of Gujarat for 13 consecutive years.

On this occasion, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh expressed happiness and said that his journey shows that he has the passion to serve the people. He said, “It is a matter of great happiness that PM Modi has completed 20 years in public life. It shows that they have the vision, passion and mission to serve the people. Even his decisions have been appreciated across the world.”

What did Home Minister Amit Shah say?

Earlier, by tweeting to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, it was said that 20 years ago today Narendra Modi took oath as the Chief Minister of Gujarat and the journey of development and good governance which started from there continues till date. In these 20 years, Modi ji realized the culmination of hard work day and night for the progress of the people and the country.
He said that as the head of the state and central governments, I congratulate the Prime Minister on completing 20 years of public service. In these 20 years dedicated to poor welfare and Antyodaya, Modi ji made the impossible possible with his strong will and thinking ahead of time.

Amit Shah further said that I am fortunate that I got an opportunity to work in the government and organization under the leadership of Narendra Modi ji first in Gujarat and then in the center. Let us all give our best to realize the resolve of a strong and self-reliant India under the leadership of Modi ji.

On the other hand, BJP President JP Nadda said that today Prime Minister Narendra Modi has completed 20 years as the head of the state and central government. When he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat and became the Prime Minister of the country in 2014, he made the pain of poverty and the tears of the poor the ideal formula of his governance.

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