Pitru Dosh remedies: When there is eclipse of Pitru Dosh in the horoscope then do these great remedies to remove it

Pitru Dosh remedies : जब कुंडली में लगे पितृदोष का ग्रहण तो दूर करने के लिए करें ये महाउपाय

great remedy to get rid of pityriasis

It is believed that the sufferings or sorrows that come in the life of any person, caused by ancestors or say ancestors, are called Pitru Dosh. Read this article to know the remedy to overcome the dangerous Pitra Dosh due to which a person has to face problems at every step.

Madhukar Mishra

Pitru Paksha is considered to be the best for performing Shradh and Tarpan for ancestors. It is said that in this holy Paksha, if one satisfies his ancestors by performing ritualistic worship, then his ancestors are pleased and bless him with happiness and prosperity, due to which there is no shortage of anything in his life. At the same time, on ignoring this worship, the ancestors get angry and he feels Pitradosh. Pitru Dosh is considered very dangerous in astrology. Due to this, all kinds of problems come in the life of the person. If you are also worried due to this defect knowingly or unknowingly, then definitely do this remedy to remove it.

  1. If there is Pitra Dosh in your horoscope, then to remove it, you should recite Shanti Stotra daily in Pitru Paksha.
  2. If there is Pitra Dosh in your Kundli, then Shabar Mantra should be chanted in Pitru Paksha. This remedy can be done on all days of Pitru Paksha.
  3. If there is Pitrudosh in your horoscope, then in order to please the ancestors in the Pitru Paksha, you should go to the house built by your ancestors and show incense-lamp and chant the mantra ‘Om Pitruya: Namah’ throughout the Pitru Paksha.
  4. Pitru Yagya should be performed at your own place of residence in Pitru Paksha and while doing this great remedy for the ancestors, you should place around the stove, mill or mixer, broom, ukhal (place of grinding) or at the place of keeping water. Do not kill any kind of animal.
  5. If you are facing all kinds of problems in life due to Pitru Dosh and even after working hard you are not getting success in life according to labor, then especially to remove Pitra Dosh, recite Pitra Bisa. By this remedy, the ancestors feel very happy. Before doing this remedy, a lamp of pure ghee and incense must be lit.
  6. To remove Pitra Dosh and get the blessings of ancestors, in the daily worship, ask for forgiveness from the ancestors, knowingly or unknowingly, for the mistakes.

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(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)


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