Petrol, Diesel Price Today: New rates of petrol and diesel released, diesel becomes expensive, know the price of petrol

Good News!  Common people will get relief from the inflation of petrol, diesel, the government can take this decision

diesel becomes expensive

Petrol, Diesel Price Today: The retail price of petrol and diesel is revised everyday and after that the new price is released at 6 am. You can know the price of petrol and diesel at your nearest petrol pump through SMS sitting at your home.

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Petrol, Diesel Price Today: Government Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) have released new prices of petrol-diesel. The country’s largest oil marketing company Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has increased the prices of petrol and diesel on Sunday. IOC has increased diesel prices by 25 paise per litre. However, there has been no change in the price of petrol for the 21st consecutive day on Sunday. The price of one liter of petrol in the national capital Delhi is stable at Rs 101.19. At the same time, now the price of diesel has increased to Rs 89.07 per liter.

Let us tell you that two days ago i.e. on Friday, the price of diesel was increased by 20 paise per liter after 19 days. But the price of petrol is stable. Petrol and diesel prices may increase further in the coming days. The main reason for this is the huge increase in the price of crude oil. Crude oil prices have been climbing continuously for the last 4 days. This increase is the record high of the last 3 years.

Crude oil prices are trading at $77 per barrel in the global markets. A day earlier, these prices were recorded at $ 77.65. Looking at the condition of crude oil trading, this is the biggest increase since October 2018.

What are your petrol and diesel prices today?

If you look at the oil prices in Delhi, then petrol is being sold at 101.19 paise per liter, while diesel is being sold at Rs 89.07 per liter. At the same time, petrol in Mumbai is Rs 107.26 per liter, while diesel is 96.68 paise per liter. However, petrol and diesel are still being sold at record levels.

The price of petrol in Kolkata is Rs 101.62 per liter while the price of one liter of diesel has gone up to Rs 92.17. In Chennai, the price of petrol was Rs 98.96 and the price of diesel was Rs 93.96.

What is made of crude oil?

Usually, Vaseline used in winter is also made from crude oil. Oil fat is further refined to give an odorless and tasteless jelly, which is used for cosmetics.

This product, called asphalt, charcoal, bitumen or asphalt, is also found from crude oil. Although charcoal is also found naturally in some places in the world. It is used to build roads or make waterproof strips covering the roof.

Crude oil is also used to make plastics. Most of the plastic found around the world is extracted from crude oil. Plastic is also made from vegetable oil but it is costlier than petroleum.

The oil refinery also produces wax. It is also a byproduct of crude oil. In scientific language, the wax released from the refinery is called petroleum wax. In the past, animal or vegetable fats were used to make wax.

In the first stage of crude oil refining, natural gases named butane and propane are found. These highly flammable gases are used in cooking and transportation.

Propane is compressed with butane under extreme pressure and stored as LPG (liquid petroleum gas). Butane is also used for refrigeration.

After separating propane, liquid fuels like petrol, kerosene, diesel are extracted from crude oil. The purest form is petrol.

Then comes kerosene and finally diesel. The fuel for airplanes is made by highly refining kerosene. More carbon molecules are added to it. Jet fuel does not freeze in minus 50 or 60 degrees Celsius.

Engine oil or motor oil is obtained from crude oil after extracting gas and liquid fuel. This extremely lubricating liquid reduces friction between motor parts and keeps the parts safe for a longer period of time.

With the extraction of motor oil, a lot of fat comes out of the oil. It is called oil fat or grease. Grease is used to protect the parts that are subjected to constant friction from moisture.

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