Petrol Diesel Price Today: Increase in crude oil prices, check immediately, petrol-diesel became expensive or cheap in your city

Petrol Diesel Price Today: कच्चे तेल के बढ़े दाम, फटाफट चेक करें आपके शहर में महंगा या सस्ता हुआ पेट्रोल-डीजल

International oil prices increased on Monday. The retail price of petrol and diesel is revised every day and after that the new price is released at 6 am.

Government oil companies revise the prices of petrol and diesel every day at 6 am. (signal picture)

Petrol-diesel prices across the country are stable for the ninth consecutive day on Tuesday, September 14, 2021. The prices of major auto fuels were last changed on September 5 when the prices of petrol and diesel were cut by up to 15%. Especially fuel prices have not seen a jump for a long time. Fuel prices have been cut by 30 paise in the month of September.

Despite the increase in prices, the month of August saw an increase in the demand for fuel. Interestingly, the higher prices have not affected the sale of petrol in the country. However, the demand for diesel remains somewhat weak as compared to petrol.

What are the rates in major cities of the country

According to the website of Indian Oil, petrol is being sold in the capital Delhi at the rate of 101.19 paise per liter today. At the same time, diesel has become Rs 88.62 per liter. Petrol in Mumbai is Rs 107.26 per liter. At the same time, diesel is 96.19 paise per liter.

New oil rates on every city basis

City Petrol (Rs/Litre) Diesel (Rs/Litre)
New Delhi 101.19 88.62
Mumbai 107.26 96.19
Kolkata 101.62 91.71
Chennai 98.96 93.26
Noida 98.52 89.21
Bangalore 104.70 94.04
Hyderabad 105.26 96.69
Patna 103.79 94.55
Jaipur 108.13 97.76
Lucknow 98.30 89.02
Gurugram 98.94 89.32
Chandigarh 97.40 88.35

crude oil price

According to the news agency Reuters, international oil prices rose for the second session on Monday. Brent crude rose 33 cents (0.5 per cent) to $73.25 a barrel and US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude also rose 32 cents (0.5 per cent) to $70.04, the report said.

Oil marketing companies revise the price of petrol and diesel daily for the last 15 days based on the average price of the benchmark fuel in the international market and foreign exchange rates.

How to know the price of petrol and diesel in your city

The retail price of petrol and diesel is revised every day and after that the new price is released at 6 am. You can know the price of petrol and diesel at your nearest petrol pump through SMS sitting at your home. IndianOil customers send a message to 9224992249 by entering their city code along with RSP from their mobile.

You will find the city code on the official website of Indian Oil (IOCL). After sending the message, you will be sent the latest price of petrol and diesel. Similarly, BPCL customers can send SMS to 9223112222 by typing RSP from their mobile. HPCL customers can send SMS by typing HPPrice to 9222201122. Retail fuel prices have reached a new record high. The number of such cities is increasing continuously, where petrol is being sold beyond Rs 100 per liter.

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