People with such 3 zodiac signs who can never see others succeed, know why?

5 सबसे अधिक अध्ययनशील राशियों वाले लोग, जो किताबी कीड़ा होते हैं

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You must have met some people in your life who cannot see you succeed. Is this absolutely true or not? Because we think it’s right. They would never like to see you succeed.

Three, two, another race begins. Athletes are walking off the sprinting track, and one of them is hurt. To your surprise, everyone else stops to help the injured runner, letting him finish the race.

Cut to the second scenario, where one runner intentionally pushes another to finish the race. Not with the aim of winning oneself, but with the aim of not letting others win. Do these sound like overly dramatic Bollywood scenes from the early 2000s? They are not, completely.

There are people like this in real life too. If you do not believe so, then here are 3 such people who, according to astrology, cannot see others succeed.


Pisces can often appear as mean and self-obsessed people. It is difficult for them to see others succeed while they are still struggling to reach a certain stage. They may feel jealous, and often, try to hinder the success of others as well.


These are also people who are not happy in the happiness of others. He will try his best to demotivate the other person, and bring his morale down to such an extent that he will never think of fulfilling that dream again. They can easily mislead people towards failure.


Scorpio people are difficult type of people to understand. You will probably never know if Scorpio guys really want to make you successful or are just pretending to be. They may look very sweet on your face, but deep down in their hearts they will go to any heights to not let you or your plans taste success.

Note- The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general public interest.

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