People were surprised to see the baby bump of a 21-year-old woman, said – I am 8 months pregnant, no one believes

21 साल की महिला का बेबी बंप देख हैरान रह गए लोग, बोली- 8 महीने की प्रेग्नेंट हूं, कोई यकीन ही नहीं करता

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Pregnancy is not something to hide or hide from anyone. Usually the baby bump of women is visible at such times. At the same time, by the 8th week, the stomach of women comes out to a great extent. Actually, by this time the baby in the womb is fully developed. But 8 months pregnant, a 21-year-old Tiktoker’s stomach did not swell at all. When this girl used to tell people about the stage of her pregnancy, they were stunned. People could not believe that Tiktok was telling the truth to them. However, last month this Tiktoker has given birth to a child.

According to a report published in the website Mirror, a video of 21-year-old TikToker Courtney Jayne has gone viral. In which she is showing people her stomach and telling that she is eight months pregnant, but her baby bump seems to be only three to four months old. Whoever saw this video of Courtney Jane was shocked.

Sharing the video, Kourtney wrote, “I am tired of assuring people that I am in my 35th week of pregnancy. In the video, Kourtney shows her stomach to people by lifting her T-shirt, but seeing it, it does not seem that she is eight weeks pregnant. Her stomach looks like a normal woman.

However, while sharing another video after the 38th week of pregnancy, Kourtney has told that now her baby bump is not the same as before. Kourtney is happy that her baby bump is visible to a large extent. Kourtney told that she gave birth to her child in the 40th week last month. After watching Kourtney’s viral video, many women shared their experience and wrote that this has happened to them too. At the same time, many users are not ready to believe that Kourtney was pregnant.

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