Paddy Farming: Earlier due to heavy rains, crops got spoiled, now paddy fields in the grip of diseases

Paddy Farming: पहले भारी बारिश के कारण फसलें हुईं खराब, अब रोगों की चपेट में धान के खेत

Insect attack in paddy crop.

The problems of the farmers of Maharashtra are not taking the name of ending. Earlier in Bhandara district, the crops of the farmers were destroyed due to heavy rains and now paddy farming is in the grip of diseases like jhunka and scorch. The outbreak of various diseases has increased. Due to the spread of disease on hundreds of hectares of paddy crop in the district, farmers are spraying insecticides 2-3 times. Still, the farmers are worried because the disease is not under control.

Paddy is mainly cultivated in the district. Farmers no longer take traditional measures to eliminate the disease. Because the farmers of rural and urban areas do not get direct guidance from the employees of the Agriculture Department. There is a need to make every village aware of the natural use of disease eradication on paddy crop through demonstration.

Earlier there was a problem due to lack of rain

Like every year, this time too paddy has been sown. It didn’t rain well in the initial days. Due to this there was delay in sowing of paddy. During this, the farmers sowed paddy after a lot of hard work. This was followed by torrential rains. Even after Pola and Ganesh Utsav, the intensity of rain remains the same. In such a situation, due to bad weather and heavy rains, the outbreak of insects and other diseases has increased on the paddy crop.

Which diseases are more prevalent on the crop?

The outbreak of Karpa, Kadkarpa, Jhanka disease, Jhulsa disease and other diseases is increasing. The Agriculture Department has advised the farmers of the district to control these diseases in time and eliminate these diseases from the paddy crop. Meanwhile, the officers and employees of the Agriculture Department are preparing to go directly to the fields and inspect the diseased crop. Due to excessive rainfall, there is an outbreak of disease on the paddy crop.

What is the advice of scientists

In this season there is an attack of brown plant hopper which destroys the paddy crop. These pests cause heavy damage to the crop by sucking the juice from the leaves of paddy. Therefore, the farmer should go inside the field and inspect the mosquito-like insect instead of the lower part of the plant. If pests are found, then solve it or else all the hard work will be watered down.

This insect has more effect from September to October. Its life cycle is 20 to 25 days. Due to this pest, black mold develops on the upper surface of the leaves of paddy. Due to which the process of photosynthesis stops. Due to this, the plants make less food and their growth stops. These insects are light brown in color.

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