Owner booked Air India business class cabin for his pet dog, paid such a price

मालिक ने बुक किया अपने पालतू कुत्ते के लिए Air India बिजनेस क्लास केबिन, चुकाई इतनी कीमत

Man is ready to spend everything on his pet. Now a dog owner has booked a full-fledged Air India business class cabin for his pet to take a luxury journey. This pet dog had boarded a flight from Mumbai to Chennai on Wednesday.

Owner booked business class for dog

People are very fond of keeping dogs. With this, they are seen giving every facility to their dogs. Human and animal friendship is considered very deep. Especially if it is a dog, then the example of man and his friendship is worth seeing. When in need, a pet dog never hesitates to put his life on the line for his owner. At the same time, man is also ready to do everything for him.

According to the report, an owner has booked all the business class seats of Air India flight to travel with his pet dog. All of you must be feeling very strange knowing this, but let me tell you this is true.

On Wednesday, an Air India flight business class from Mumbai to Chennai was booked by an owner for his dog. The Airbus A320 flight had 12 business class seats, which the owner had booked for his dog. So that only the owner and his dog can travel in the flight. Let us tell you that the cost of a business class ticket in a two-hour flight from Mumbai to Chennai ranges between Rs 18,000 to Rs 20,000. Now you can guess how much that owner would have paid for 12 seats.

Pets can be taken in Air India

Quite a few dogs have traveled in Air India business class before, however, this is probably the first time that an entire business cabin was booked for a pet. Air India is the only Indian carrier that allows domestic pets in the passenger cabin. A maximum of two pets are allowed in a flight and the pet is seated in the last row booked. Between June and September last year, Air India took 2,000 pet walks on its domestic flights.

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