Other countries are troubled by the deteriorating situation in China… know what happened there, which is affecting all the countries.

चीन के बिगड़े हालात से दूसरे देश परेशान... जानिए वहां ऐसा क्या हो गया, जिसका असर सभी देशों पर पड़ रहा

Right now China is facing a shortage of coal and due to the shortage of coal, there is a possibility of deepening the power crisis in China.

Once due to the economic crisis in China, other countries are facing problems. Many countries including India may have to bear the brunt of China’s internal troubles. Actually, due to China, the supply chain of other countries of the country is being affected and it is becoming difficult for people to get the product. In such a situation, there is a need to understand what is the crisis in China and how it can affect the people of other countries.

First of all, let us know what is the crisis in China right now… In fact, China is currently facing a shortage of coal and due to the lack of coal, there is a possibility of further deepening of the power crisis in China. Despite record purchases, the cost of coal in China has tripled this year. According to reports, China’s total coal imports increased by 76 percent in September, but that too is not enough. Due to this a lot of problems are increasing in China.

How is the crisis growing?

You know about the power crisis. But, due to power cut, now a lot of crisis is increasing, because it is slowly affecting industrial establishments too. The manufacturing sector can also be greatly affected by this, and this is if China has some effect on the manufacturing market and its problem is there in the whole world. Now the economic crisis is deepening in China and this economic crisis is the root of all the problems.

How will it affect other countries?

Actually, the manufacturing and assembling of most of the companies in the world is done in China only. For example, if we talk about the iPhone as well, what happens is that different parts of the iPhone are made in different countries and then they all go to China. In China, a complete phone is made by assembling them. Many such companies work in China and China plays an important role in manufacturing and assembling. In such a situation, if the industry of China is affected, then the products of many companies of the world are affected and their supply gets delayed for a long time.

Earlier a similar crisis happened during the corona virus as well. After the ban on the arrival of flights from China, the supply of the product was difficult. This made it very difficult and the product supply was affected across the world. If we talk about the figures, in the year 2004, the manufacturing percentage of the world was 8.7 percent, which is now close to 28.4 percent. That is, out of all the products that go in the world, 28.4 things are made in China only. For this reason, China depends more on exports. With this, you can guess that if this sector is affected in China, then what can be the effect on other parts of the world.

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