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Onion Price: After Maharashtra, the onion farmers of Madhya Pradesh have been hit, sometimes the price is only 1.5 and somewhere 2 rupees per kg.

Farmers are forced to sell onions at the rate of Rs 150 to 200 per quintal.

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There has been a drastic fall in the prices of onions in many mandis of Madhya Pradesh, the country’s second largest onion producer. How will farmers do farming at the price of only Rs 150 to 200 per quintal? Farmer leaders said – if MSP is not found, then agriculture will be ruined.

After Maharashtra, the country’s largest onion producing state, now the problems of the farmers of Madhya Pradesh have increased. In some markets here too, the price of onion has been reduced to a minimum of only Rs 150 to 250 per quintal. That is, only 1.5 to 2 rupees per kg. Keep in mind that this is the price that the farmers get. A few days ago, garlic was also sold by farmers in Madhya Pradesh at throwaway prices. Farmer leaders say that till onion and garlic are also not brought under the purview of Minimum Support Price (MSP), the farmers will continue to fall into the vicious cycle of such low prices. Therefore, if the interest of the farmers is to be protected, then the government will have to fix a minimum price line at the earliest. Otherwise, farmers will work hard and middlemen will take advantage.

Madhya Pradesh is the second largest onion producer in the country. About 15 percent of the country’s onion is produced here. In districts like Sehore, Guna, Dewas and Shajapur, farmers doing onion farming have suffered a low price. Where the average price is within Rs 600 a quintal.

Traders robbing farmers

Farmer leader Irfan Jaffrey says that the government is running so many schemes for the farmers, but it does not have any plan to get good prices. The government is giving full opportunity to the traders to loot from the farmers. At this time they are buying and stocking cheaply. Will sell later at an expensive price. Due to which neither the farmers will get the benefit nor the consumers. The farmer produces the crop with so much hard work and when it comes to selling it, he does not get the price.

Why are farmers forced to sell cheaply?

Jafri says that if onion and garlic are brought under the purview of MSP, then at least the farmers will not be in loss. They will get some benefit over their cost. But, here the government is bowing before the market and the farmer is selling the crop at a low price due to compulsion. Farmers are now compelled that they need money for sowing of Kharif crops. Money is needed to spend on marriage. That’s why they have to sell onions cheaply. There is no arrangement for the storage of onion-garlic.

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How much is the price in which market (Onion Mandi Bhav)

  • In the Ashta Mandi in Sehore district, the minimum price of onion was Rs 150 and the average rate was Rs 500 per quintal.
  • In Dewas Mandi, the minimum rate of onion was 200, the average price was 400 and the maximum rate was 700 rupees per quintal.
  • Similarly, the minimum rate of onion in Guna Mandi was 200 to maximum 300 and the average price was Rs 250 per quintal.
  • In Shajapur’s Kalapipal Mandi, the minimum price of onion was Rs 250 and the average price was Rs 550. While the maximum was Rs 1000.
  • In Sendhwa of Barwani, the minimum price of onion was Rs 400, maximum 800 and the average rate was Rs 600 per quintal.

(Madhya Pradesh. 11/05/2022)

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