Ongoing training of village development works and completion of Nirmal Gram Yatra, these 3 works of Piplantri village were most appreciated

ग्राम विकास कार्यों का चल प्रशिक्षण और निर्मल ग्राम यात्रा का समापन, पिपलांत्री गांव के इन 3 कामों की हुई सबसे ज्यादा तारीफ

Ongoing training of village development activity and Nirmal Gram Yatra has been completed. On Sunday last, mobile training of workers of selected villages was started.

In Rajasthan, ongoing training of village development activity and Nirmal Gram Yatra has been completed. Last Sunday, the workers training of the workers of the selected villages was started. This training took place in Piplantri Village of Rajsamand district for good results on some subjects. Workers of Bhatmahudi of Kushalgarh, Rakho of Bagidaura, Kotra of Garhi, Bhemai Karada of Sagwada, Vamasa and Parada Sakani of Aspur participated in this training.

During the ongoing training program, the workers gave full introduction of their village in different sessions. Along with this, the experiences of the experiments and changes taking place in the village were shared among themselves. During this, the mobile training team saw the model of implementation of government schemes and public participation in Piplantri, awarded from Nirmal village of Rajsamand. This training team was led by the worker of Bhemai village.

3 works of Piplantri village affected

RSS co-province village development chief Ganesh Patidar told that his team was most affected by mainly three works in Piplantri village. He said that in the joy of the birth of the girl child, planting saplings and tying the thread of protection till their trees grow affects a lot. He said that with this step greenery is visible everywhere in the village. Along with this, water conservation through Anicut trench and check dam is also another big step. He said that because of this effort, sweet water has started being available at 50 feet. Whereas earlier the water level was very low and fluoridated.

Villagers told the training workers that earlier only empty hills and marble slurries were visible in their village due to barren land and marble mines. But due to the hard work done in the last 10-12 years, greenery and small water bodies are visible everywhere. He said that in Deendayal Upvan, the energy generated by children’s chakris and swings is used for offering water.

Discussion on free contemplation session

During the ongoing training program, Sant Shri Amit Das ji blessed the village development workers. Along with this, the former Sarpanch, who was honored with the Padma Shri award, also welcomed everyone. Bharat Kumawat, village development chief of Banswara, Dungarpur and Sagwara said that Bhemai of Dungarpur and Batmauri of Banswara have also seen a lot of change due to village development works. The workers will go to the eight selected villages and give impetus to the various dimensions of village development. Let us inform that during the running training, free contemplation session was also discussed. During this, everyone also took a pledge to increase the participation of girls in the works of village development.

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