Once upon a time, this woman used to sweep the houses of others, now she earns more than 3 crores annually.

कभी दूसरों के घर झाड़ू-पोछा करती थी ये महिला, अब सालाना कमाती है 3 करोड़ से भी ज्यादा

The fate of an American woman who once sweeps the homes of others has changed. This woman earns so much in today’s date that you cannot even imagine. However, due to the work of the woman, her family has started disliking her.

A woman from America at one time used to work as a broom and mop for others to run her house. But now his luck has changed. This woman earns so much in today’s date that you cannot even imagine. However, this woman has now started such work, due to which her family has started disliking her.

According to the report of the Daily Star, 38-year-old Courtney Ann, a resident of Texas, used to run her house by sweeping people’s homes. While husband Nick used to do a small job in the field of marketing. Both also have two daughters. The expenses of the house were not running well in the income of husband and wife. Since the husband used to leave for work early in the morning, Kourtney had to look after all the household work. From dropping the daughters off to school to buying things for the house, Courtney used to do all the work. After this, she used to do the work of cleaning the houses of others in the time she got.

Courtney’s life was very difficult due to the poor financial condition of the house. She was always lost in the thought of good days to come. Kourtney says that her husband Nick always told her that she was no less than a model. In such a situation, they should also take bold photos like models and share them on social media.

After this, Kourtney first created an account on Instagram. Then started sharing his bold pictures on it. After a few days, his fan following became very big. Courtney says that now she is earning a lot through Instagram. After this, he associated himself with the adult website and started selling his nude photos on it. Both of Kourtney’s children do not mind their work. But his family has made a distance from him. He does not like this work of Kourtney at all. According to Courtney, his annual income is more than three crores.

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